Monthly Digest: May 6, 2019

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Six New Tools To Help You Maximize Productivity

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Reject Redirect URL Removal

Now you can disable the RejectURL in the response for Posts and Forms. You can use this function through the Reject Links tab on the Product Setup page.  You also can disable the returning Redirect URL through the Publisher’s settings.

Tracking URL Parameter

URL Tracking is the process of sending lead parameters to your third-party tracking system. A Placeholder is a keyword in the system that provides information for tracking actions. We support dynamic tracking parameters. (A keyword place holders that provides information for tracking action). 

Publisher Labels

You can now create and review Publisher Labels in the Publisher Labels section. When you click the “Add New Label” button you will assign an ID, Name, and Class of the new label. You can filter the list by ID, Name, and Class or search for a specific label on the list.

Unique Leads List

The “Unique Leads” tab in the Performance Summary Report provides a unique leads report for a specified period, by Buyer. You select the date range and choose the Buyer, as well as filter by Date, Product, Buyer, Agent, and Buyer.

Redirect Type

The new Redirect Type function allows you to choose the type of redirect giving you control over the HTTP Referrer that the Buyer will receive when the lead is sold. 

Compare Ping Trees

The new Ping Tree Comparison function allows you to compare conversion by different Ping Trees.

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