3 Signs You Need Call Tracking

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Call tracking isn’t just fringe and frills reserved for fancy companies with extra money to spare. In contrast, call tracking is an essential tool to improving your marketing insights by tracking your entire customer journey. This is a truly worthwhile investment if you want to take your marketing to the next level. Here are three major signs that you need to get a call tracking software for your business:

Call Tracking Sign #1 – You don’t know what’s driving your leads

If you’re still marketing in the dark and blindly casting out your net in hopes of reeling in your target audience, it’s time to get call tracking. Advanced call tracking allows you to know which of your marketing strategies have been working and which ones aren’t worth your investment. For example, if you have a few display advertisements in different parts of the city, call tracking will tell you which of those advertisements generated the most amount of customers so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

Call tracking essentially measures the effectiveness of your campaigns. The beauty of advanced call tracking is that it sends you detailed reports of both your online and offline marketing campaigns, which inevitably increases your ROI. Call tracking also analyzes your digital advertisements and sends you information on which keywords prompted the calls. With detailed comparison reports to help you keep track of your various online and offline marketing advertisements, you can say goodbye to blind marketing forever!

Call Tracking Sign #2 – You don’t know who your ads are attracting

It’s impossible to optimize your marketing efforts if you don’t know your target audience. Call tracking gives you detailed caller information, such as first and last name, phone number, and caller location. From this information, you will be able to route incoming calls based on caller demographic to ensure that your customers will have a thoughtful and personalized call experience.

Statistics show that 70% of buying experiences are based on how the customers feel they are being treated, and as much as 89% of customers admit that they would leave a brand for its competitor if they aren’t receiving the customer service they expected. With advanced call tracking, you can exceed their expectations and attract repeat customers like never before. Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and imagine that you’re making a call from downtown Los Angeles. Without even having to ask where you’re from, the call is immediately routed to an agent at a store closest to you. This kind of detail can only be achieved through advanced call tracking. The more time and thought you put into enhancing your call experience, the more repeat customers you will earn!

Call Tracking Sign #3 – You don’t know the whole customer journey

Understanding the entire customer journey is crucial to your marketing success. With advanced call tracking, you will know which advertisements generated the call, the quality of your leads, their call statuses, and other inbound call performances. Reports will show you which leads call the most so that you can determine the quality of your leads and make proper adjustments to better fit their needs. Call statuses will allow you to assess the performance of your IVR, which is critical to your customer journey. To prevent customers from hanging up early in the call, you will need to know the exact cause of their frustration. To help you investigate the customer journey, a call tracking software will inform you of call reject reasons and cap-outs. These details will aid you in providing the most intuitive call experience for your customers.

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