4 Marketing Facts to Keep in Mind This Year

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Today’s marketing landscape is wildly different from just fifteen years ago, with social media and the smartphone reigning supreme. There are more paths to conversions now than ever before. Now is the time to invest in advanced tracking and automations. Here’s why:

Online Shopping is Steadily Taking Over

If you think about it, online shopping has only been popular for the last decade or so. Although ecommerce has existed for as long as the internet has been around, consumers were highly skeptical of the service because it wasn’t common. With the rise of the smartphone, which we will talk about later, ecommerce made more sense and more trusted businesses began launching their online platforms. According to eMarketer, about 91% of Americans have browsed for products and services online. It is projected that by 2020, 81.3% of all internet users will buy online more than they will buy in store.

How to Prepare Your Business: With more and more consumers going online for their purchases, optimize your digital channels and advertisements with Phonexa’s Call Logic platform. With our call tracking and call analytics software seamlessly integrated with your campaigns, you will be able to track your leads, improve your customer journey, and outdo your competition with an exceptional call experience.

Consumers Want the Omnichannel Experience

Multichannel is no longer good enough. The multichannel marketing approach is exactly what it sounds like: businesses employing as many different outlets to connect with their customers as possible. Although it sounds very similar to the omnichannel approach, the way these two play out is completely different. Think of omnichannel as a spider web, where the complex pattern is ultimately formed by one all-encompassing strand of web, whereas the multichannel approach is like having five separate spider webs. Years ago, consumers (and companies) had no choice but to opt for the multichannel approach, simply because technology was not up to par. Today, one platform can do the work of ten; saving companies tens of thousands of dollars and giving their customers more options to choose from.

How to Prepare Your Business: BCG reported that as many as 85% of millennials and 75% of baby boomers prefer the omnichannel shopping experience. Oliver Abtan, Managing Director of BCG Paris, said, “Digital is the new consumer reality. Digital tools, digital skills, and consumers’ rising comfort level with digital are forcing brands to be far more customer-centered in everything they do.” While the multichannel approach focused more on benefitting the brand, omnichannel benefits both brands and consumers alike. With Phonexa’s omnichannel approach to digital marketing and Call Tracking, you’ll be able to optimize your campaigns using powerful data and metrics. Our single platform encompasses dozens of unique features; giving your company all the tools it needs under one roof.

Tablets and Smartphones are the New Computers

Smartphones and tablets gave rise to the omnichannel approach, because they are themselves omnichannel technologies. The smartphone is the modern-day miracle; allowing users to video chat, type documents, send emails, make online purchases, scan paychecks, and so much more. It is a computer, an ATM, and a camera all in one. And it rests firmly in the pockets of most Americans. As many as 77% of Americans own smartphones, which means that the internet is more accessible than ever before.

How to Prepare Your Business: Use Phonexa’s click-to-call feature to encourage your potential leads to call through your advertisement, app, website, or even through your email. Click-to-call enables customers to skip the dial pad and speak directly to a representative (or IVR) with just one tap of a finger.

The Customer Journey Can Now Be Tracked in Detail

We’re living in an age where companies can get more insight into the customer journey than they ever could before, so why not take advantage of the latest analytics and tracking technology?

How to Prepare Your Business: Integrate with Phonexa’s Call Logic platform to receive the most advanced call analytics to date. Details such as the caller’s first and last name, geographic location, time and length of call, quality of the call, and other useful information will be available to you.

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