4 Must-Have Automations for Marketing Success

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Great marketing strategies come to life when vision meets proper execution, and it’s the latter that’s usually missing from the puzzle. Many small businesses miss out on greater outreach opportunities because they simply can’t find affordable tools to help them reach their goals. Yet, these tools are completely necessary and worth hunting for. If you’re one of such companies, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. Here, we’ll give you the list of the top marketing tools you need to reach a greater audience with minimal spending.

The secret? It’s all in finding a comprehensive platform for all of your marketing needs. Companies end up spilling over their budgets when they invest in a different software for every technical disparity that arises. This is arguably because there aren’t enough SaaS providers out there with all the top marketing tools under their belts. The more businesses spend on different marketing automation platforms, the more inefficient their process will be. So, while searching for these five must-have marketing tools, it will be to your best interest to find one platform that contains all or as many of these tools under the same roof as possible. Phonexa, for example, specializes in delivering a seamless omnichannel marketing experience for all types of businesses.

Here are the top five must-have tools to boost your marketing efforts:

Marketing Tool #1: Call Tracking

Out of all the marketing technologies that can be implemented, we personally hail call tracking to be the king of it all because of how versatile, influential, and powerful it can be if used to its fullest extent. Call tracking works on its own and with other call automations to boost your overall call experience. For example, an interactive voice response is simply an automated attendant on its own, but with the integration of call tracking, it becomes smarter and offers personalized self-service and multi-language options based on the individual caller’s phone number, location, purchase history and demographic.

Marketing Tool #2: Interactive Voice Response

As we’ve briefly mentioned above, the IVR enables direct interaction to occur between your callers and your company. The IVR is often the first greeter that comes in contact with your callers, so it has an important part to play in setting the right first impressions. If your IVR isn’t up to par with a human agent in terms of natural speech, efficiency and effectiveness, it won’t be able to deliver extraordinary results. The best solution, therefore, is to invest in an advanced IVR that’s proven to be more accurate, efficient and precise than human agents. Such technology works best for businesses of all industries because it ensures a consistently positive first impression for all callers.

Marketing Tool #3: Real-Time Reports

Additionally, real-time reports are crucial for businesses that need to be kept in the loop with all campaigns as they unfold. A slight lag between campaign results and reports can sometimes mean thousands of dollars lost in revenue. Equip your business with real-time reports so that you can make data-driven decisions on the go. With this marketing technology readily available, why shouldn’t you have it? Don’t settle for delayed notifications that can end up harming your business; stay updated on even the smallest details of your latest campaigns with real-time reports.

Marketing Tool #4: Automatic Call Distribution

Finally, we would like to mention the underrepresented automatic call distribution software. This elusive technology might not be the first thing that call automation companies boast on their front page, but it actually plays a crucial part in automating your customer journey. The ACD works with call tracking to ensure that all your calls can be routed to the appropriate agents, departments or store locations based on your chosen settings. This technology mitigates risks of losing your calls due to long hold times and other issues that obstruct an otherwise fluid call experience.

As we’ve mentioned in the beginning of this article, Phonexa’s all-in-one solution houses all of these marketing technologies under one platform for you to use. Among the countless benefits you’ll receive from having them all in one place, here are the most noteworthy: you’ll save more money, have a much easier time tracking your results, and merge your existing practice with the platform much more seamlessly. If you’re curious about the platform, click here to schedule a consultation today. We’ll answer all of your questions in depth and show you how Phonexa can change your marketing efforts for the better.

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