4 Ways Call Tracking Helps You Measure Customer Satisfaction

When we think of customer satisfaction, it’s important to think about the entire customer journey and not just the direct B2C interaction (between representatives and consumers). Modern marketing technology has enabled brands from all sorts of industries to reach their target audiences in a more fluid and personalized way. Whether your target customers are on the web or driving down the 405 freeway, Phonexa can help you capture those leads and convert them into satisfied customers. We’ve written before on how Phonexa’s call tracking software can measure your campaign’s success, but did you know that it can also be used to measure your customer satisfaction? Here’s how:

Call Tracking Measures Length in Between Transfers

In addition to recording the amount of transfers, call tracking also measures the customer’s waiting time in between those transfers. Why is this important? According to Marketing Charts and a host of other similar studies, customers usually hang up right at the 40-second mark during hold times. That’s less than a minute of waiting! People have the right to be impatient because they are the clients. In order to win their satisfaction, you’ve got to beat the clock with a strategy that will reduce wait times. Call tracking records the minutest details of your calls so that you will know how your service is currently performing and how you can potentially speed up the process. Without these critical insights, you won’t know why your customers aren’t returning. Call tracking was built to help you achieve customer satisfaction.

Call Tracking Measures Quality of Customer Service

Customer service is more than just the dialogue between your representative and callers. It encompasses everything from your IVR (interactive voice response system) to your insights prior to handling the call. Call tracking measures how your IVR and questionnaire performs, how your agents are handling your calls, and what you can do to improve those performances. The quality of customer service directly affects your level of customer satisfaction, so make sure that this bit is highly optimized. Call tracking will report on your call details in real-time so you’ll always be kept in the loop with your B2C interactions. If an agent is currently in training and needs to be closely monitored to save the call from going downhill, you can easily do so with the help of call tracking. With this powerful technology on your side, you’ll truly be in control of your customer satisfaction.

Call Tracking Measures Caller History

Knowing the caller’s purchase history will help you to closely optimize your call experience based on their level of interest. Studies show that repeat customers are significantly more likely to purchase from you again than new customers, so it’s worth treating your repeat customers with extra care and attention. When the caller’s purchase history is revealed, it helps your agents to know which products/services the customer is most interested in and how to potentially upsell another similar service/product. This kind of targeted sales tactic can only work when the sales agent has the available information at hand. Phonexa’s call tracking enables companies to tailor their sales strategies more effectively.

Call Tracking Measures Customer Demographics

Prior to the caller speaking directly to any voice automation or agent on the phone, his or her information will already be recorded by Phonexa’s call tracking software. With your caller demographics in hand, you can easily personalize the call experience for your customers to enjoy. For example, before even interacting with the customer, the call tracking software will already have picked up the caller’s name and region; redirecting the call to the nearest location and offering multi-lingual voice automations for a smoother call experience. Aside from personalization, customer demographics will also help you to target your audience even more through various advertisement campaigns. The possibilities are endless when you have the right data at hand.

Let call tracking send you accurate insights on your business-to-customer interactions today. The details you’ll receive will be critical to your customer service optimization and overall business growth. If you’re serious about increasing your customer satisfaction and retention rates, invest in an advanced call tracking software. Phonexa’s powerful software can do the work of ten, sending you all of the most accurate and relevant insights so you can make confident enhancements and grow your business.

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Anh Luu
Anh Luu is a Copywriter at Phonexa and has experience crafting B2B content strategies.

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