4 Ways Phonexa Helps Marketers Make More Revenue

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4 minute read

If you’re looking to decrease your expenditures while increasing your revenue, you’ve come to the right place. We’re in the business of helping marketers reach their goals by providing the right tools to drive more calls and conversions. Calls are critical. Now more than ever, the majority of people in the developed world own a mobile phone of some sort. That means most of your customers are actually taking their computers, cameras, phones and phone books with them in their back pockets, condensed in the miracle of a smartphone.

Marketers understand the depth of what this means for their business. The evolution of the smartphone constantly changes the marketing landscape. From the moment a user clicks on an app to the point where he or she enters a new search, each stage of the mobile experience can potentially be converted into a call. And like we stated, calls are critical.

Just how critical are they? Well, according to multiple recent studies, calls tend to convert over 10 times more than other leads. The same studies revealed that 70% of consumers backed out of a purchase when they couldn’t get ahold of the retailer through the phone (either because the number was busy or no phone numbers were provided). There’s a reason why caller behavior differs so wildly from web users and even in-store inquiries: calls offer a more convenient route of communication. Yes, even more so than web leads. Although the ultimate goal would be to convert as many of your web leads into calls as possible, it’s near impossible for web leads to yield the same personal touch as a phone conversation. Users often browse your website for information prior to making the phone call, so websites matter quite a bit in the nurturing process. However, it’s the call experience that actually convinces the customers to make the final decision.

If you’re ready to drive more calls to your campaigns, Phonexa can help you do just that.

Phonexa Takes Away the Obstacles

When a service claims to “make it easy” for businesses to connect with their clients, what they really mean is that they take away the obstacles that are preventing the interaction from happening. Phonexa’s many advanced features, including click-to-call, third-party and API integrations, and memorable toll-free and vanity numbers truly make it easier for customers to reach your business through the phone. Our services alleviate customers from putting in too much effort to get their issues resolved, which will ultimately heighten your customer service reputation and increase your revenue.

Phonexa Smoothens the Conversation

Once your customer gets on the phone with your business, Phonexa acts as an instant coat of grease, delivering a slick and smooth interaction between you and your caller. We’re in the business of ridding your calls from those endless call transfers, hold times, and other pesky frictions. Phonexa’s cloud-based call tracking software smoothens your conversations before it even starts, by routing your calls to the appropriate department or store based on the caller’s location. This feature alone already takes away one more obstacle from an incredible call experience. We also offer an advanced IVR and voice recognition software, VoicePLUS, to communicate fluently with your customers in multiple languages. In short, our voice system was designed to help your customers solve simple problems quickly, which frees up your agents to handle more complex inquiries.

Phonexa Gives You Relevant Insights

The most crucial part of optimizing your marketing campaigns is knowing your customer journey from the inside out. Phonexa’s detailed call analytics gives you all the metrics you need to target your audience and optimize your campaigns. With our help, you will be able to analyze your caller demographics, receive real-time reports, view critical marketing analytics, create comparison reports, and more. Know exactly which advertisement prompted your calls, what happened during your calls, and how to handle different call outcomes.

Phonexa Boosts Your Business Reputation

Finally, Phonexa earns you more revenue by boosting your business reputation. All customers want is to get their questions answered quickly, but Phonexa allows you to be steps ahead of the current issue. The Harvard Business Review reported that 22% of repeated calls “involve downstream issues related to the problem that prompted the original call,” which tells us that it’s not enough to merely answer questions and move on. With Phonexa, your customers will have the option to solve the simple issues by themselves through customer self-servicing options, while also given the choice to speak directly with a representative should they need the help. Additionally, Phonexa’s Call Tracking also keeps companies updated with their internal performance, allowing companies to optimize their customer service strategies and plan ahead (based on the marketing reports and analytics provided by Phonexa).

Are you ready to make more revenue with your calls? Partner with Phonexa today and see how well your calls will perform!

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