5 Common IVR Myths

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Without even realizing it, society has deemed the Interactive Voice Response system as an ‘unfortunate’ necessity due to popularized misconceptions. TV shows, commercials, and even stand-up comedians have often used the “being put on hold” scenario as a humorous portrayal of common IVR shortcomings.

However, advanced IVR systems come with detailed analytics, accurate call tracking, high-volume call routing, demographics-appropriate hold music, and increasingly human-like automated attendants. Perhaps the primitive IVR systems posed humorous problems for the caller, but there are much better call platforms available today. We’ll use our own platform to debunk some of the most common myths about the IVR.

IVR Myth #1: Hold music makes for bad customer experience.

Why that’s wrong: The science behind hold music is to keep the customer preoccupied so they’ll experience a faster waiting time. AT&T conducted a survey that supported this rationale. The survey reported that consumers who were placed on hold for 30 seconds in silence perceived the wait to be 90 seconds long. Those who had hold music during this time perceived the wait to be only 15 seconds long. This tells us that when done right, hold music actually boosts customer experience. During a Twitter survey, consumers reported enjoying music that is not too loud, relevant to their music taste, and provides the option to switch to announcements instead. With Phonexa, hold music will be high quality, tailored to specific demographics, and sensitive to the customer’s desires. Options are always included.

IVR Myth #2: People would rather seek help from a real person.

Why that’s wrong: Nuance conducted a study that reported 67% of surveyors preferred self-servicing rather than speaking with a business representative. Unfortunately, another Nuance study revealed that 59% of consumers were unable to resolve their issues through self-service and were discontented about having to reach out to a rep. When self-servicing is done right, customers save a significant portion of time and energy. The result of that is higher customer satisfaction! Phonexa’s IVR software allows for 100% customizability while offering businesses guidelines for IVR optimization.

IVR Myth #3: Automated attendants are inaccurate.

Why that’s wrong: A recent study at Stanford University showed that modern voice recognition systems have a 24% higher accuracy score than human typing. The accurate speech-to-text and text-to-speech abilities of Phonexa’s VoicePLUS ensure the highest level of quality service for consumers and companies alike.

IVR Myth #4: Automated attendants are too robotic.

Why that’s wrong: Modern automated attendants speak from pre-recordings in order to convey the personal touch of a live representative. Additionally, the audio aspect of attendants don’t matter as much as the menu choices she gives. With the realistic auto attendant voice taken care of, you’ll only have to configure the menu options.

IVR Myth #5: IVRs cost too much to maintain.

Why that’s wrong: Cloud-based systems aren’t just more affordable to set up, but they require almost no maintenance fees at all. Since all your phone modules are set up in the cloud, the host will resolve all the problems for you as soon as they are discovered. Cloud-based phone systems are the future of IVR systems—no clutter, no extra fees, and more time to focus on what matters most: your company.

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