6 Ways to Target Your Audience with Phonexa’s Call Logic

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In all aspects of digital marketing, there are opportunities to reach out to your target audience in a personalized manner. Mass emails and irrelevant cold-calls just don’t work well in this day and age. With all of the tracking technology available at your disposal, personalization should be a given, especially when it comes to phone calls.

To give you some creative leads on how to target your audience, we’ll list the six most effective ways to conduct inbound and outbound marketing with Phonexa’s Call Logic platform.

How to Target Your Audience with Call Logic: Location Tracking

If you are a company based in a specific location and you’re looking to establish yourself in a new community, your best bet is to use our location tracking system. With location tracking, you’ll know exactly where your callers are calling from and where your callers reside. These two (oftentimes different) geographic locations will give you a pretty thorough idea as to where you should continue to promote your advertisements.

How to Target Your Audience with Call Logic: Revisiting Warm Leads

Phonexa’s call tracking software will also report to you the outcome of your previous calls. Not only will you know where your callers are calling from, but you will also have a clear idea as to how the call ended and whether or not the leads converted. This knowledge will help you to target the customers who have either converted or who have had a great experience with the customer representative. By revisiting your warm leads, you will have a greater chance at selling, re-selling, or upselling your products.

How to Target Your Audience with Call Logic: Keyword Tracking

A foolproof way to target the right audience for your business would be to employ the right keywords in your advertisements. Phonexa can help you keep track of these high-converting keywords with our call tracking system, so you can create comparison charts to optimize your advertisements even further. With our platform, you can also gauge which types of customers are interested in your products by the keywords that prompted their calls.

How to Target Your Audience with Call Logic: Click-to-Call

Click-to-call is a Phonexa feature that allows your audience to reach you with just one click (or tap of a finger). It helps your business by eliminating the need for a dial pad and gives the utmost convenient call option for your digital clients. Click-to-call is an interesting way to target customers because it reaches out to those who are the most mobile oriented. If you’re targeting customers who spend much of their time browsing on mobile, then click-to-call is the ultimate way to pull in those leads. Click-to-call works with desktops as well, so you can definitely create advertisement campaigns for your landing pages and PPC ads as well.

How to Target Your Audience with Call Logic: Demographic Tracking

Perhaps the most straightforward way to target the right consumers, Phonexa’s call tracking records detailed information about your callers’ demographics. You will know the percentage of male and female callers, approximate age range, phone number, first and last name, geographic location, and even ethnicity. You can customize your IVR to ask any further demographic-related question in the beginning of the call to record more data about your callers. With Phonexa’s call tracking software, you can optimize your future campaigns to appeal to the appropriate audience demographic.

How to Target Your Audience with Call Logic: A/B Testing

Phonexa’s call tracking will also allow you to conduct A/B testing (or split testing) to reach out to your audience in the most effective way possible. Split tests are generally an easy by tedious task; marketers have to wait for the results to come back for one campaign before implementing another soon after, just to compare the results. Oftentimes, the data becomes a big mess because there aren’t any intuitive comparison charts to track your campaign progress while it’s still in effect. With Phonexa’s call tracking, you will be able to create customized comparison charts and receive detailed data on your split tests. Audience targeting has never been this easy!

If you want to find out more about our Call Logic platform, contact us today and we’ll send you more exciting information on how we can boost your business. To get a glimpse inside our call tracking software, feel free to schedule a consultation!!

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