Amping Up Your Email Game with Call Tracking

It doesn’t take an industry expert to see that clicks and calls go hand in hand. We’ve mentioned before that calls are the new clicks, but that doesn’t mean you should completely forgo one for the other. The modern company needs to utilize both clicks and calls precisely because of the modern-day browsing platform of choice: the smartphone. There are currently over two billion smartphone users worldwide – a staggering number to say the least. From impoverished vegetable salesmen across the globe to the top executive at a consulting firm, everyone can be expected to own a smartphone. In fact, even some of the homeless population has been spotted with their own smartphones. How does this all work? We’re not entirely sure, but the point is that smartphones are, quite literally, taking over the world.

Assuming that almost every single consumer in your target audience group owns a smartphone, the smart thing to do, of course, would be to utilize this device to the best of your ability to promote your product or service in creative ways. As the title of this article insinuates, one crafty way to incorporate both clicks and calls is through email marketing. We’ll show you how.

Pitching Through Email

Here is the number one reason why we think email will stick around for a long, long time despite there being other channels of communication available: email allows people to connect at a professional level with businesses and other contacts – as simple as that. It’s not as informal as a text or a tweet, but it’s also not as formal as a call. Email is the perfect middle ground for consumers who are not in a hurry to get answers to their questions. It’s also the recommended platform for audience nurturing, which typically means building trust with your audience so they can ultimately convert. There are hundreds of ways in which you can optimize your email campaigns to build rapport with your audience. One way is through incorporating click-to-call.


When your captive audience opens your email, the first thing he or she would want to find is the answer to the intriguing subject line. If the subject line says, “40% off All New Arrivals!” then the consumer would most likely want to look for the promotional code and link to your website. Everything else would fall in their peripherals. Imagine that you’ve placed the promotional code all the way at the bottom of the email after you’ve mentioned your upcoming events and monthly celebrations. This is a common practice for marketers who cleverly want their viewers to read through everything before they are rewarded with the promo. This might seem like a smart thing to do, and it’s implemented quite often, but this method actually sacrifices the number one rule of all great marketing campaigns: convenience. Convenience is the key to gaining targeted customers organically and retaining them over time. If you make your user experience more convenient, people will most likely appreciate it and grow to trust your brand even more. It’s the thoughtful gestures that will earn you a loyal customer base. Consumers aren’t clueless; they can read through these tactics like the back of their hands. They are exposed to thousands of advertisements a day, so consider your audience the pro guinea pigs of advertisement. Rather than being elusive with your marketing strategies, simply give your customers what they want quickly and efficiently.

If your marketing strategy isn’t making it more convenient for your audience to reach you, then it should be revisited no matter how creative or brilliant you might think it is. Convenience is what’s going to convert more leads. This is why we recommend incorporating a call tracking platform into your emails.

With call tracking, you can equip your emails with memorable and brandable phone numbers to make it easier for viewers to contact you. This click-to-call feature allows consumers to skip the inconvenience of punching in your number through their dial pad. All it takes is the tap of a finger for your email viewers to reach your company by phone. Of course, this is assuming that your viewers are looking at the email through their mobile phones, which they most likely will be. According to a few studies, a little over half of all smartphone users open their emails on their mobile phones. Now that’s something significant to consider.

Call tracking not only makes it easier for callers to reach you, it also helps you to optimize your future campaigns by giving you real-time analytics and customizable reports.

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