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The Best Lead Management Software Can Make Anything Possible

Mark Kosin
7 minute read

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Mark Kosin
7 minute read

It’s not unusual to set up ambitious marketing goals only to find yourself in the midst of your campaign, thinking it will be impossible to achieve them. In fact, sometimes finding success in marketing can seem like something that will never happen: like a snowstorm in sunny Southern California.

And yet, history tells us “never say never.” Did you know that Los Angeles has experienced a handful of snow days over the years? Though rare, snow has blanketed the city of palm trees and beach scenes in 1932, 1949, 1962, and a few other times. In ’32 and ’62 especially, significant accumulation turned the City of Angels into a winter wonderland—spurning snowball fights, sledding excursions, and, of course, all kinds of traffic issues.

If such an impossibility as snow frosting the Hollywood sign can occur, then certainly you can reach even your most ambitious marketing goals. Success can become all the more attainable if you set yourself up with the best lead management software available. With the right lead management software, you can gain a mastery of your leads and have incredible insight into all of your campaigns.

Lead Management Challenges

Marketers that work in lead generation are familiar with all the challenges they face. They know that it’s not just enough to generate plenty of leads—it is important to generate high-quality leads. The leads that are closest aligned with a vision of the ideal buyer and have the highest chances of converting are the kind of leads every marketer aspires to collect. But low-quality and fake leads persist in flooding the market, causing time-consuming delays as marketers sort through them.

Many in lead generation work with limited overhead to keep costs down. While this can help you maintain a strong return-on-investment, it can also be stressful and detrimental to any ambitions of growth. A lack of resources can slow down even the most determined marketer.

Finally, the duties of tracking and managing a high volume of leads can present its own issues. How are you supposed to know which leads came from which marketing effort? If you don’t know how your campaigns are performing, it can be impossible to predict growth or make changes to increase your ROI. All of this can cause revenue to melt away like a snowball in the sun. How can you create the right conditions to handle a blizzard of leads like a pro?

Finding the Best Lead Management Software

Getting the best lead management software for your business is the first step towards conquering the challenges that all lead generators face. Lead management software will often come with a variety of features to help you organize and distribute your leads, but not all software is created equally.

It’s imperative to find lead management software that has advanced filtering options available. By setting filters and restrictions, you’ll be able to ensure that you only generate high-quality leads—eliminating the wasted time on leads that won’t help you.

Marketers who want to know more about how their campaigns are performing as they happen should find lead management software that offers real-time reporting. This feature gives you the ability to follow your campaign’s performance with the most up-to-date information available, giving you the opportunity to shift resources or make other changes on the fly. Automated updates will allow even the smallest operation to function like a big business.

Another feature of the best lead management software options is URL tracking. While marketing attribution can be a guessing game, URL tracking empowers marketers to see a precise connection between every marketing effort and every lead. Knowing the traffic sources of leads gives you a clearer vision of how well your campaigns are working—and can give valuable insight into any “leaky buckets” in your sales funnel.

Turning the Impossible into Reality  

What is the best way to judge what constitutes the best lead management software? Presumably, finding the platform that will allow you to reach even your most ambitious goals. One significant advantage for anyone looking to find lead generation success is selecting lead management software that has lead analytics. Going beyond what most other lead management software can provide, lead analytics gives vital data insights into every campaign you run. Lead analytics give marketers a clear vision of lead behavior, consumer demographics, ROI attribution, and sales status. The best software will also present all the analytic data in simple and intuitive reports and charts so that conclusions can be reached in an instant.

Going a step further is predictive modeling—sophisticated data analytics that can show you a vision on how future campaigns will go based on analysis of past data. By getting a vision of the road ahead, you have the ability to fine-tune your campaigns to ensure you’ll get the maximum ROI. Plus, the best lead management software will make it easy to scale up. Automation and a centralized user interface can allow your business to generate a very high volume of leads with minimal resources. Utilizing all the tools of lead management software, you can be in a better position to hit ambitious benchmarks and truly grow your business with whatever resources you already have on hand.

Today, LA residents may need to travel to the mountains if they want to see snow—the “urban heat effect” and global climate trends make it extremely unlikely that Los Angeles will see snow in the near future, if ever again. Though, history tells us to “never say never.” Luckily, if you are seeking to turn your impossible lead generation goals into reality, you won’t need a meteorological anomaly to see it fulfilled. All you’ll need is to equip yourself with the best lead management software available. Once you do, hitting those ambitious goals will be as magical as snow falling on Sunset Boulevard.

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Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.

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