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Lead management should be the talk around town, especially within the industries that are trying to break into the digital sphere. Whether or not you’re ready for it, digital is already here and it’s influencing every aspect of modern marketing as we know it. Brick and mortar retails were once able to keep up their business with only offline advertisements, but as the next generation becomes more and more acquainted with their smartphones, AI customer service and cloud technology, the less likely it seems that offline ads will yield the same return. So, the choice is clear: go digital or eventually suffer the consequences of a lower ROI.

The great part about centering your marketing efforts on online advertisements is that it’s easily trackable and manageable with the right tools. Through your social media advertisements, PPCs, email newsletters, sidebar ads, videos, and other forms of digital advertising, there is a lead management system that can accurately track and manage all of those campaigns in one place: Phonexa’s LMS SYNC. LMS SYNC allows you to capture your leads, segment them according to their sales stage, and transfer them to your network of lead buyers. It sounds simple because it is! LMS SYNC makes it easy for anyone to get the analytics they need to properly handle their web leads. Here’s how you can boost your business with Phonexa’s advanced lead management system.

The Fine Details of a Great Lead Management System

If you’re all about details and you need to know exactly why your business can benefit from this lead management software, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll give you the full run-down on why the LMS SYNC is right for your business, regardless of the industry you’re in. LMS SYNC was built for lead generators, digital marketers and networks, so if you fall within those three categories, chances are that you will find this platform to be exceedingly useful.

Lead Management System Benefit #1

The LMS SYNC works with our premier analytics platform, Waves, to deliver advanced analytics and reports straight to your cellular device. Waves gives you a thorough visual analysis of your sales leads and calls, so you will have greater insights into all of your campaigns.

Lead Management System Benefit #2

You can set your own campaign filters through LMS SYNC. The easy customization is extremely useful for businesses who want full control over all their campaigns through one management platform, which is exactly what LMS SYNC provides.

Lead Management System Benefit #3

You can group your campaigns through LMS SYNC so they become easier to handle over time. It’s a great idea to employ as many digital ad campaigns as you can, especially during a product launch, but you shouldn’t have to manually track each campaign individually. The LMS SYNC allows you to group your campaigns in a way that makes the most sense to you, maximizing your efficiency.

Lead Management System Benefit #4

You can duplicate your settings in order to create multiple similar campaigns without having to start over each time. This unique feature is extremely helpful when you’re trying to implement multiple similar campaigns over a period of time.

Lead Management System Benefit #5

The LMS SYNC enables you to create schedules and set reminders in order to keep you on track with your marketing schedule. The convenience of this platform frees you up to focus your time and energy on more complex tasks, such as growing your business.

Lead Management System Benefit #6

The LMS SYNC lead management system also presents automated accounting options, which is linked to our Books360 accounting platform. If there’s a way to make your workflow easier, Phonexa will do it in a heartbeat.

Lead Management System Benefit #7

The LMS SYNC is also fully integrative, which means that it includes API integrations and can fit perfectly within your current platform. Rather than disrupting your usual process, we consolidate it into one management system to make it easier for you to navigate and control.

Are you ready to see what the actual platform looks like and how it works? Simply schedule a consultation with us and we’ll show you exactly how everything works. The road to better management is only one form away.

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