Building a Solid Customer Service Strategy with Phonexa

When you’re being pulled from all sides and pressured to perform better than everyone else in your range of competition, how can you set up a fail-proof plan to keep your campaigns and strategies afloat?

If you’re drowning in this situation, don’t worry. You’ve just struck gold. You’re not alone. While it’s important to blow your competition out of the water with extraordinary customer service, this is not a job for you to do alone. Phonexa’s cloud-based technology can completely transform your customer service strategy in an unprecedented way. The customer experience ultimately comes down to servicing your customers pleasantly and efficiently, and Phonexa’s tools can help you do exactly that, and so much more.

Gain Competitive Insight

Getting detailed insights into your marketing campaigns gives you a great advantage over your competitors. If your product launch calls for multiple types of ads, both online and offline, it would speed up the evaluation process tenfold if you had a tracking tool that accurately attributes ROI to each of your campaigns. Notice that we stated “a tracking tool,” not a collection of analytics platforms. You already have multiple campaigns to keep track of, so it would be much too inefficient to try to consolidate multiple lead trackers at once. Phonexa solves that problem with Call Logic – a powerhouse of marketing tools that tracks all of your campaigns, calls, and internal performance from start to finish. With Call Logic, you don’t need more than one call platform. We’ve built the perfect cloud-based platform to encompass everything you need for customer service and campaign optimizations, and on the off chance that you find something lacking from our platform, we will build it for you for free.

Target Your Audience

A crucial aspect of building a solid customer service strategy is to first get to know your audience: their likes, dislikes, ethnicity, geographic location, etc. The more details you know about your audience, the more accurate your targeting will be. Rather than reaching in the dark with your customer service updates and campaign optimizations, let Phonexa do the hard work for you. Our call tracking and Interactive Voice Response system works together to gather the customer data you need to make accurate marketing adjustments. If our call platform detects that your caller prefers to speak a different language, the multi-language option will automatically present itself in the conversation. Thoughtful automations like that are certainly going to earn you some loyal repeat customers.

Personalize Your Interactions via Call Automations

Speaking of automations, there are other details that you can customize on the Phonexa Interactive Management dashboard. We’ve mentioned this before, but personalization is key to achieving high customer retention and a solid brand reputation. Phonexa helps you personalize your conversations with our advanced voice system, which exhibits machine learning capabilities, multi-lingual options, self-service and a natural human voice. The entire process is supposed to be as close to speaking to a live agent as possible, except better. Studies have shown that modern voice systems are now more accurate than human agents in understanding. In the case of Phonexa’s voice system, this is true even when the customer has a foreign accent.

Whether you need deeper analytics and insights into your customer journey, or advanced call automations to complete complex tasks, Phonexa houses all of these incredible tools and more to help you solidify your customer service strategy. To get an exclusive look inside our platform today, schedule a live demo here. We look forward to speaking with you!

Anh Luu
Anh Luu is a Copywriter at Phonexa and has experience crafting B2B content strategies.

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