Why Call Tracking May Be Exactly What Your Business Needs

Recently, it seems impossible to spend two seconds on the internet without finding one of those “Things Only 90’s Kids Know” posts. Covering things like Tamagotchis, Beanie Babies, and Pogs, these lists take readers back to a bygone era. Something else that can be added to that list? Getting a sales call at home—and really the whole idea of cold-calling in general.

It won’t surprise you to hear that the cold call is essentially dead. A paltry 1% of cold calls convert to customers, so says a study from Baylor University. According to Forbes, the cold call has been replaced by inbound marketing. Savvy companies instead build and establish relationships to create warm leads who are encouraged to take action.

So with these inbound marketing campaigns that reach prospects digitally the era of the telemarketer calling at dinner is gone—but now, thanks to smartphones, interested parties may call you at dinner. The number of calls to business has been going up since 2013, and lead conversion is 10-15 times more likely on a call. The question is: will your company be ready to answer it?

Enter the wondrous development of call tracking software. Adaptive to the era of inbound marketing, call tracking software puts your business in a position to convert leads and make the most of your marketing campaigns.

Call Tracking Software Makes Callers Happy

With call tracking software, you get a flood of data about your leads before they even connect with a representative. That critical information allows you to truly know incoming callers and thus provide them with exceptional customer service. An Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) will instantly route calls based on caller demographics and then filter callers to the right department. The filtration system allows for fewer caller transfers, which gives you better customer satisfaction.

Call Tracking Software Lets You Customize

Just as useful as the ACD is an Interactive Voice Response, or IVR. IVRs use a customizable combination of voice input and key selections that will help ensure callers are directed through the ACD’s proper channels. With templates, you can personalize and the ability to upload your own voice recordings, the IVR is a vital extension of your business for all incoming calls. Utilizing the ACD and IVR of call tracking software gives you automated control over the experience that prospective customer has when they call your business. With call tracking software, you’ll know that your business is putting its best foot forward, even if callers are dialing you up at dinnertime.

Call Tracking Software Ups Your Customer Service Game

While call tracking software certainly lets you customize your IVR to improve the customer experience, it can make sure that everything goes right when your representative gets on the phone with a caller. That’s because call tracking software gives you the option for Call Recording—a profoundly useful feature that gives you access to every interaction between caller and service rep. With the ability to review past conversations, you can feel confident knowing that your customers are having the exact service experience you want them to have.

Call recording has multiple uses beyond peace-of-mind. Past calls can be used to train new employees by showcasing exceptional customer-representative interactions. With a record of calls, you can feel secure knowing that all interactions will be accountable to legal regulations, and your employees will maintain the strictest levels of professionalism and compliance. All these benefits end up contributing to a superb customer experience. The best thing about satisfied customers is that they’ll be more likely to call again or sing your praises to others, earning you positive reviews.

With the era of inbound marketing in full swing, call tracking software is an essential tool for businesses big and small. And with all the benefits of call tracking software—happier callers, better-trained staff, and complete customization—it will make you glad that cold calling is as much a part of history as Ecto Cooler Hi-C and Razor Scooters. But, unlike those items, nobody will be writing nostalgic posts about getting sales calls at dinner.

Learn more about the benefits of equipping your business with Phonexa’s powerful call tracking software platform by scheduling a demo today.

Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin is a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing. His background includes experience in copywriting, search engine optimization, B2B marketing, social media, and video production.




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