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The internet is new. Extremely new. In fact, the first registered domain,, took place in 1985. Most of us lived through that moment without even realizing it! Within just a few decades, the internet has evolved into something well beyond what it was when it first started. The search engine algorithm as we know it has changed dramatically; what once was easily bypassed now only promotes the most relevant and high-quality websites. Quite recently, personal blogs, social media, the influencer culture have also been taking the digital marketing scene by storm. New marketing channels seem to appear faster than most people can take advantage of them, which begs the question: With all of these new marketing channels available, how can you accurately track the results from each of your campaigns?

Fortunately, Phonexa provides a comprehensive, resounding solution to this dilemma once and for all. Whether you’re focusing on online or offline marketing strategies, Phonexa has the ability to track all of your campaigns and provide you with the top analytics and reports you need to make informed decisions. Let’s dive deeper into the Phonexa platform.

Call Tracking

Calls are more prominent now in business marketing than it ever was, precisely because we’re never truly apart from our mobile phones. Smartphones completely changed the future of marketing when it first made its debut less than a decade ago. People are literally carrying around their own personal mini laptops to the restroom, bar, restaurant, and wherever else they go on a daily basis. It’s the first thing they check when they wake up and the last thing they see before they fall asleep. Our phones are constantly with us, keeping us connected and updated on everything that we care about to know. That’s why businesses are creating their own apps and making their websites extremely mobile friendly. Email marketing is also making a comeback because of how easy it is to now check our emails through our phones. With all of these potential calls coming in, how can businesses accurately track their ROI?

That problem is solved single-handedly by Phonexa’s own call tracking software. We’ve developed a proprietary software that can find out the minutest of details so that you will always be in the know about your various campaigns. Whether your call was spurred by an email campaign, billboard, app, or display ad, call tracking will send the accurate reports and metrics straight to your phone. Ready to test call tracking for yourself? Feel free to schedule a consultation today.

Web Tracking

As we’ve mentioned, ROI attribution is key to improving your campaigns and maximizing your marketing budget. Since digital media is now, unquestionably, the most dominant form of modern marketing, you need the right tools to help you optimize your campaigns and stay above the competition. If you’re serious about your marketing strategies, free analytics tools won’t cut it. You need deeper insights on your target audience, call results, and campaign details. Most of all, you need a proprietary tool that solves all of your marketing blind spots at once. This all-in-one solution will save you more time and money in the long run. Plus, it makes marketing evaluation a lot more efficient.

We’re talking about Phonexa’s incredible lead management system, the LMS SYNC. LMS SYNC helps business leaders, such as yourself, easily track and manage your web leads from the comfort of your own smartphone. You can access this tool through any internet-connecting device and view your campaigns as they update in real-time. The LMS SYNC takes lead tracking and marketing to another level. Take a look inside the remarkable platform for yourself.

Serving All Industries

It’s not a proprietary platform if it doesn’t serve all businesses in all industries. That’s why our Phonexa team has developed a complete, all-in-one solution that’s scalable to any company size and customizable for any industry. It’s not too good to be true, we can assure you. It’s currently happening as you speak. Companies are switching to Phonexa after seeing how much we care about the details of your campaigns. It’s not the state-of-the-art features that makes us truly unique, but it’s the amount of thought and care we pour into tailoring our platform for each of our clients. To see how Phonexa can transform the way your business receive insights, schedule a consultation.

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