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Call Tracking: Good vs. Great

Armen Karaoghlanian
4 minute read

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Armen Karaoghlanian
4 minute read

Over the years, call tracking has become a staple marketing resource for companies across all industries, but it’s clear that not all call tracking software wield the same marketing power. There are significant distinctions between the good and the great, beginning with how granular their reporting is to how simple it is to integrate with other call automations. There are also different price points and packages that you need to consider before investing in a certain call tracking software. We have all encountered a less-than-enjoyable experience with automated calls, so it’s up to us to determine what works and what doesn’t. Here is our take on what separates a good call tracking software from a great one.

The Good is Fast, The Great is Live

At its crux, call tracking was meant to simply track the details of your calls (like its title states). If your call tracking software does a decent job at what it was created to do, then it passes with a flat C. There are countless creative functions that this technology is capable of, and it runs much deeper than just simple call tracking. A great call tracking software would collect raw data from your calls to generate meaningful reports and analyses in real time, keeping you on track with all your calls and advertisements from beginning to end. Real-time reporting allows you to make informed decisions under heavy time constraints, boosting your calls and campaigns as they continue to roll out. Call tracking also enables you to pick which reports to prioritize so you will only be notified on updates that are pertinent to your current focus. Reports from a great call tracking software would also be extremely accessible for all devices for your utmost convenience.

The Good Performs, The Great Personalizes

Next, a good call tracking software would simply do the bare minimum that it’s expected to do, while a great call tracking software would be able to personalize your calls in a way that only sophisticated technology can. For example, advanced call tracking would recognize your caller’s phone number the moment he or she dials in, immediately routing the call to the appropriate agent or store location based on your preferred settings. If the caller has spoken to your representatives before, advanced call tracking would know exactly where that customer left off in his or her purchasing journey and proceed to give him or her the option to continue with the same purchase. Advanced call tracking would also work with the IVR to offer multi-lingual speaking options to callers from different ethnic groups for a more enjoyable and fluid call experience. Personalization is the key to earning your customers’ trust because it shows your customers that you care about them individually. Now, you can personalize your automated call experience with the help of advanced call tracking.

The Good is Updated, The Great Keeps Innovating

While any cloud technology can easily be updated, it takes a truly great software developer to stay ahead of the curve and add features that solve longstanding inefficiencies. You would know whether or not your call tracking software offers innovative solutions by how willing the provider is to improve your user experience. Here at Phonexa, we’re dedicated to developing tracking software that’s tailored to each industry so that you can truly use the platform to solve industry-specific problems. Not one company is exactly the same as another, even if they are in the same industry. That’s why you need a call tracking solution that can be scaled and customized for your specific needs.


With a competent call tracking software working on your behalf, you will most likely experience soaring sales and an increasingly positive brand image. Great technology doesn’t always have to come at a heavy cost if you know where to look. We invite you to take a glimpse inside the Phonexa platform to see how our next-level technology can benefit your business. Expect to receive powerful features and scalable solutions. With Phonexa, there are no limits as to what you can do with your next advertisement.

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Armen Karaoghlanian
Armen Karaoghlanian is the Chief Marketing Officer of Phonexa. He is a member of the CMO Council and has been featured on Complex, Fast Company, and Business Insider.

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