5 Ways Call Tracking Helps Callers Feel Valued

Mark Kosin
3 minute read
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Mark Kosin
3 minute read

For businesses looking to connect better with customers, it is worth asking one simple, but sometimes difficult, question: do my customers feel valued? While most businesses focus great energy on their product, it always worth stepping back consider the emotional response customers have after interacting with your business. No one wants the feeling of being just another person in line or number in a ledger. There’s much to gain by making changes in how inbound calls are handled.

Call tracking software can be a tremendous asset in going the extra mile to make sure customer needs are met. Here are five features that will help your callers feel valued.


1. Interactive Voice Response

Few things can frustrate a customer like making the decision to call a business, only to be greeted with a notice that all operators are busy and that you’ll have to sit there and wait. People calling you have lives to live, and passively waiting for an operator won’t do much to endear a customer to you.

With Interactive Voice Response, also known as IVR, customers are welcomed by an AI-powered interactive voice system that will ask questions about their reason for calling. The information collected by the IVR, as well as data gathered by call tracking software, allows for a smoother, more conversational caller experience. When greeted by an advanced customer service program, rather than repetitive hold music, you can immediately let callers know that their call is important to you (without having a recorded voice repeat that phrase 20 times).


2. Professional Voice Recordings

With Phonexa Interactive Voice Response, businesses can avail themselves of a number of different voice options, or upload their own. Any business knows how important it can be to maintain control over nearly every aspect of the customer experience—and professional voice recordings put that power into your hands. You can utilize any one of the existing voice options or use one of your own call representatives to record an interactive series of messages to better connect with your customers. Fine-tuning the right voice may just be a small touch, but it can go a long way.


3. Automatic Call Distribution

Once a caller has shared information with the IVR, Phonexa’s Automatic Call Distributor takes over, acting as a virtual switchboard operator to direct callers to a representative in the appropriate department. The Automatic Call Distributor can share the details covered during the IVR interaction to you so that as soon as the caller is connected the representative can be completely up to speed. Since callers will experience shorter wait times and avoid having to repeat everything they’ve already shared with the IVR, they’ll feel that personal commitment that other call answering methods lack.


4. Call Recording

To get a deeper understanding of your callers, Phonexa’s call tracking software platform offers Call Recording. With call recording, businesses have the ability to replay past interactions between callers and representatives. This database of conversations becomes an invaluable resource for businesses looking to improve their customer service performance. By listening to what is working—and what’s not—during your phone calls, you can make changes to ensure your customers have a near-perfect interaction with your company.


5. A/B Testing

When it comes to really fine-tuning your message, there is perhaps no better tool than A/B testing. With the A/B testing capabilities offered by Phonexa, you can get a more nuanced understanding of consumer reaction to your marketing campaigns. See if what plays in Pittsburgh works for Portland, or try different kinds of paid search ads to see which generate more calls. As you craft your message, you’ll undoubtedly learn more about your target customers. By listening to consumers, and changing your message to better suit their needs, you’ll form a deeper connection with them. And that makes customers feel valued.

To learn more about how call tracking software can improve your CX, get in touch with Phonexa team members about setting up a consultation today.

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Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.
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