How to Use Call Tracking for Long-Term Success

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Creating brand loyalty is an art that few companies have yet to master. Brands that do succeed in creating a die-hard customer base have several things in common: they have successfully turned their products into objects of desire, their customer service sets the bar for competitors, and know how to create exceptional advertisements that are both eye-catching and relevant to their target audience. In this article, we will discuss how call tracking can help you achieve all three denominators and rise above your competitors to win long-term customer loyalty.

Call Tracking Gives You Analytical Insight

Before we talk about what call tracking can do, let’s take a closer look at what it means to create objects of desire. Whichever industry you’re in, your bottom line is the same: getting more conversions. There is a method to the chaos of effective marketing, and that secure method is to sell a lifestyle rather than a product. It’s never about your product, it’s about what your product can do to change the lives of those who buy it. Once you’ve figured out the value that your product can add to the lives of your target audience, you’ll successfully turn it into objects of desire – something that everyone wants and feel like they can’t live without. This is the perfect recipe for long-term success.

In order for you to turn your service or product into objects of desire, you will need to know your target audience well. We’re talking about customer demographics, surveys, A/B tests; the whole shebang. Call tracking gives you valuable insight into your campaigns and customer journey so you’ll know exactly who your customers are, where they reside, what they need, and what they’re looking for. With advanced call tracking integrated with your system, all important information will be recorded in real-time. You’ll never miss a beat again.

Call Tracking Transforms Your Customer Service

Customer service is another determining factor of your long-term success. Whether you’re conducting business in the United States or abroad, the one common denominator that every people group will appreciate is to be treated kindly as though they matter. Think of how Amazon has dominated the customer service space. They have grounded their entire business strategy on delivering exceptional customer service, and this has overwhelmingly paid off. Amazon now has a loyal customer base that ensures its success for years to come.

You can transform your customer service overnight with the help of call tracking. This marketing technology really is that powerful and convenient. The secret lies in automation. Call tracking automates the process of personalization; something that could have only been done through human interactions just a few years ago. Personalization is the key to delivering exceptional customer service. People need to know that you care about their issues and that you value their time. Call tracking does this by tracking the caller’s location and automatically rerouting their calls to the nearest store, or if you don’t have multiple locations, to the most appropriate representative based on the caller’s purchase history and demographic. Call tracking can also work with your IVR to offer multi-lingual options. These thoughtful automations will also free up your agents to handle more complex issues, allowing for more meaningful phone conversations.

Call Tracking Helps You Optimize Your Campaigns

Finally, the heart of successfully selling your brand lies in your marketing campaigns. The more relevant your campaign is to your target audience, the more compelling it will be. It takes time to perfect the art of creating viral campaigns, but call tracking can help you get there faster. Don’t be envious of companies that get lucky with one or two viral campaigns because that short-lived success won’t amount to anything sustainable. To ensure long-term success, you need to know how to create viral marketing campaigns. As we mentioned earlier, call tracking gives you insight on each of your campaign results, allowing you to make the appropriate adjustments to onboard more customers. You’ll receive real-time marketing insights into your calls and clicks as well, so just about any marketing strategy that you employ will be tracked by call tracking.

In essence, call tracking can help establish any long-term success you’re looking to achieve as a business. Advanced call tracking is the right solution for businesses of all sizes and industries, so don’t wait to schedule a consultation to see how call tracking can help take your business to the next level.

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