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How Call Tracking Reduces Your Overall Spend

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4 minute read

The more you grow, the more you’ll spend. It’s unavoidable for companies to increase their expenditures as they earn more revenue and increase in size. This can be a result of wanting to expand their reach in order to not tire out the captive audience. The average company spends around 9-11% of their total revenue on marketing alone. This natural progression of expenses can also be caused by increased demands, more employees, better technology, new products, and the list goes on. The total spend might increase regardless of what you do as a business, which is a great news because it means that your business is growing, but there is still a masterful way to reduce your expenses while maintaining the same growth rate.

It’s not too good to be true. The answer lies in efficient technology. Just because you need more work done doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to spend more. Higher productivity should not equate to higher expenditures. In fact, the most lucrative companies are the ones who invest substantial time in figuring how to increase their revenue, productivity, and efficiency altogether.

What a Time to Be Alive

Lucky for modern businesses, technology is becoming exponentially better by the year. With that in mind, you can easily accelerate your productivity and keep your expenses at a minimum in no time. It is admittedly unfair to throw this fact around as though every piece of modern technology is the same, because it’s not. To ensure the highest payoff for your investments, you’ve got to choose the right automations for you.

As one of the leading companies in call tracking technology, Phonexa recommends that you focus on improving your customer journey through call tracking. Here’s why:

Call Tracking Resolves Issues Faster than Human Representatives

Because of the extreme accuracy and intelligence of the software, call tracking can compute inquiries much faster than an agent; offering personalized touches along the way, such as machine learning and demographic-based call routing. Call tracking benefits both you and the customer by saving both parties time. The software reports on the caller’s purchase history, first and last name, location, and phone number before the call is even picked up. It will then work with the IVR to deliver multilingual self-service options – all without a single minute wasted.

Call Tracking Reduces the Amount of Agents You Need

Because it automates the tracking, routing, and personalization process, your agents can now focus on handling more difficult issues. This will not only streamline your calls but also save you thousands of dollars on wasted minutes. If certain stages of the customer journey can be automated, it should be automated. There’s no reason why one should keep pursuing manualized tasks if it’s less efficient and unprofitable. At the end of the day, your bottom line matters most.

Call Tracking Smoothens the Customer Journey

Call tracking puts your customers at ease by optimizing the entire customer journey. From the moment your customers view your ad to the moment the sales close, call tracking will be involved every step of the way. Its marketing insights (as we will later discuss) helps you to optimize your advertisements, while its call insights will tell you exactly how the call was handled so you can make the proper adjustments to your campaigns. In addition, its automations take away the unnecessary friction in between transfers. A smooth call equates to a solid conversion.

Call Tracking Gives You Marketing Insight

Without accurate marketing insights, you’ll end up spending a whole lot more on marketing than you should. For example, say that you’ve employed five advertisements on different marketing channels in lieu of a product launch. Without a proper ROI tracking system in place, you won’t know which channel drew in the most conversions, especially if it’s an offline channel. Call tracking solves that problem by giving you extremely detailed analytics in real time so that you can always be in the loop with your marketing progress.

To get started with call tracking, simply schedule a consultation. We’ll walk you through the simple process and show you how call tracking can benefit your specific business. Every company and every industry is vastly different, so you need a flexible platform that will scale to your needs. Let Phonexa make that happen for you.

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