How to Combat Ad Fatigue with Call Tracking

How to Combat Ad Fatigue with Call Tracking

To start with the basics, ad fatigue is a term that describes the loss of engagement on your advertisements due to your audience feeling overwhelmed or annoyed by the frequency of the ads. If you’ve been marketing for a while, you’ve probably encountered this dilemma before. On one hand, companies need to keep their advertisements up and running to expand their reach and increase their conversions. On the other hand, if these advertisements become too frequent, similar, or simply dull, it might put your audience off and they can stop responding to your ads altogether – that is, until you make certain changes in the way you approach marketing.

Some companies make the mistake of abusing their jingles and catchy ads to the point where the entire nation can recite these ads in our sleep, but is that truly the best course of action? We would argue that no, it is not. Memorability is just one important aspect of creating an effective ad; it’s not the only aspect. Still, despite massive declines in banner ad engagement levels, more companies are increasing their investments in digital banner ads than ever before. In fact, Google revealed that their average click-through rate for banner ads is a mere 0.06%. To make matters worse, 60% of those clicks are probably accidental.

Those insane statistics should tell you one thing: the way companies approach digital banner ads needs a bit of fixing. Comscore revealed that the average person is served more than 1,700 banner advertisements alone per month. With so many ads being thrown in our direction on a daily basis, it’s become second-nature for us to skip over advertisements without even giving them a chance. As for the ads that do stick in our heads because of their maddening jingles, we tend to dread the very mentioning of their brands because of how annoying the ads have become.

Amidst the dismal advertisement scene, we’re happy to tell you that there is a way to turn the ship around, and it involves using the next generation of tracking technology. Phonexa’s call tracking software was built to help companies refine their marketing approach. This means that whatever complication you’re facing with your current marketing strategies, the answer can most likely be found in using our call tracking technology. Let us elaborate.

Call Tracking Helps You Target the Right Customers

A simple but effective way to combat ad fatigue is to exclude the customers who have already interacted with your ads. The same ads will likely not work on the same audience again, so your best bet is to either rotate your ads or decrease the frequency of those ads to the consumers who have already converted. Call tracking helps you identify which individual customers and customer groups have already responded to your ads, so you can easily adjust your marketing approach for a more effective campaign outcome.

Call Tracking Helps You Expand Your Reach

Another surefire way to combat ad fatigue is to simply reach out to new customers if you don’t feel like creating new advertisements altogether. Sometimes it makes sense to expand your reach and re-use your ads because they have been high-converting in the past. All you need is to expose them to new sets of eyes. Call tracking helps to expand your reach by giving you the granular analytics needed to optimize your campaigns accordingly.

Call Tracking Helps You Attribute Success to the Right Campaigns

As briefly mentioned, making the right optimizations is critical to your ad performance and audience reach. The ROI attribution aspect of call tracking makes it an invaluable resource to overcoming ad fatigue. Call tracking allows users to conduct thorough A/B testing on their campaigns to determine the best optimizations, location, and audience for the ad.

With call tracking on your side, you don’t need to fear ad fatigue. The solution will be built right into your system. To get an inside look at the platform, schedule a consultation today. You’ll get to speak to an expert who will answer all the questions you might have about the platform.

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