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Smartphones have taken over the real estate of our minds, capturing our attention for at least 85 times each day. It’s no secret that millennials are using smartphones in more ways than one.

For businesses, this paradigm shift from reality to mobile means that innovative marketing strategies need to be implemented quickly, lest they want to grow comfortable and fall behind. Mobile is the new marketing platform. Jamie Turner, Founder of 60 Second Marketer, said plainly, “If you’re not using mobile marketing to attract new customers to your business, don’t worry — your competitors are already using it and are getting those customers instead.” Ouch!

Rather than criticizing the smartphone-crazed culture, view it as an important mark in human history. Smartphones and mobile apps are the future of communication. To underestimate this market is to miss out on tons of exciting marketing opportunities—some of which will be discussed in this very article.

Utilize Rich Media

With mobile apps being the new marketing bonanza, ad campaigns can be done with incredible ingenuity and effectiveness. Digital ads that have video, audio, and other advanced elements are considered ‘rich media.’ Rich media boosts audience engagement through multiple senses. Mobile apps present an almost too-good-to-be-true solution to audience targeting. When strategically paired with the right targeted platform, rich media can yield incredible results for your company.

Take, for example, Land Rover’s rich media display ad campaign. Knowing that their targeted audience are active on websites like CBS Sports/News and AccuWeather, they implemented a mobile-optimized ad campaign that featured wallpaper downloads of their vehicles, a swipe-friendly image gallery, an option to watch videos of their vehicles, and a convenient click-to-call button. The results were phenomenal. The rich media ad campaign gained over 128,000 gallery views, 45,000 video views, 7,400 wallpaper downloads, 5,000 dealer lookups, and 1,100 click-to-calls. Needless to say, rich media ad campaigns pack a punch when they take full advantage of the mobile platform.

Permissioned Tracking with Geo-Fencing

Geo-fencing is an extraordinary marketing advancement, but so many companies are jumping on this opportunity that it’s actually becoming something of a norm. If you’re a part of a B2C company and you’re looking for genius mobile marketing tactics, invest in geo-fencing.

Starbucks, L’Oreal, Taco Bell, Vitamin World and The North Face are just a few big-name companies that use geo-fencing to engage their customers. A poll revealed that 79% of customers who signed up for geo-fencing increased their visits to the store, and 65% of whom have made at least one purchase because of the geo-targeted SMS reminders. Geo-fencing not only increases conversion rates, but also establishes a more personal business-customer relationship. What are you waiting for?

Sell Products with Mobile Card

Although this is more along the lines of mobile commerce rather than mobile marketing, companies like Starbucks and Amazon have already figured out a more excellent way to promote their products. Mobile cards are actually quite revolutionary because they quicken the payment process to a hazardous point of shopping extravaganza—but that’s exactly the goal.

The easier and quicker it is for people to pay, the less they think about the exact amount that they’re spending. Years ago, the credit card made it dubiously easy to overspend because it removes the sentiment of counting your cash at the register. Money became invisible numbers, represented by a card. “What could be more convenient than a credit card?” we all asked. The answer is a mobile card. Starbuck’s mobile card generated over 3 million new users since it first introduced its mobile payment system.

What’s even more impressive, we’d argue is Amazon Go’s Just Walk Out technology. All you literally need to do is download their app and shop away. The app senses each product you select from the shelf and adds it to your mobile cart. When you walk out of the store, the items in your cart are automatically charged into your account. You don’t even need to scan your items or take out your phone! Amazon Go stores will be available in 2017.


In fact, when it comes to connecting with the next generation, Phonexa’s call platform offers analytics like you’ve never seen before. Schedule a consultation today and see if yourself!

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