Creating Effective Campaigns with Call Tracking & Analytics

Creating Effective Campaigns with Call Tracking & Analytics

What is your current strategy for growing your business in the most cost-effective way possible?

Countless businesses like yours have aimed to reduce marketing expenses by doing at least one of the following: relying on word of mouth advertising, investing in multiple marketing online channels in hope that a few might work out, or choosing to not spend much on marketing at all.

If any of those cost-reduction strategies sound all too familiar for you, we have good news. There’s a better way to grow your business, get your brand name out there, and save on your marketing expenses. This strategy involves investing in better marketing technology.

In short, the right marketing technology tackles this problem by streamlining all of your marketing channels and allowing you to control your campaign edits through one comprehensive platform. It should be noted that not all marketing technology can do this. Here at Phonexa, our mission is to create the most efficient, comprehensive, and cost-effective solution for companies to grow their online and offline presence. Phonexa has developed advanced tools to not only improve your campaigns, but take your business model to the next level.

Flawless Campaign Optimizations

When it comes to campaign optimizations, the number one tool you need is a proper tracking software to tell you exactly which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t worth your investments. Phonexa’s advanced call tracking software can do this job flawlessly. Call tracking is able to track both your online and offline marketing campaigns, displaying their results neatly on one comprehensive dashboard for your convenience.

Let’s say that you employed a few billboards in several different locations, including new places where you’ve never advertised before. If your billboards are equipped with call tracking, you’ll know exactly how well each of your advertisements performed.

These sharp analytics can also be exported anytime for any reason. To stay on top of your campaigns, you have the option to turn on notifications so that you’ll get pinged whenever there’s an important update. This tracking technology is exactly what you need to stay in the know regarding your latest performance. Why settle for less effective ROI attribution strategies when an advanced and affordable platform can do the work for you? Call tracking saves companies both time and money in the long and short run. This truly is the breakthrough marketing solution for modern businesses.

Further, the same accuracy and convenience will also be applied to your online campaigns. Whether you employ an email drip campaign, CPC ad, or mobile app click-to-call option, call tracking will deliver the same detailed analytics straight to your preferred method of contact.

Fast and Efficient

The effectiveness of call tracking helps businesses reach their marketing potentials faster than otherwise. The speed and efficiency in which you’ll receive your call analytics and campaign results are unrivaled by other methods, since call tracking keeps you updated in real time. Efficiency and accuracy are the keys to any business’s long-term success, and you can attain this efficient business practice through the use of advanced marketing technology.

Call tracking offers much more than just the average caller details. It gives you the complete insight on your entire customer journey, allowing you to be in full control of your brand image, customer retention rates, and campaign details. If you want to get a detailed look inside Phonexa’s call tracking platform, schedule a consultation. We’ll let you test the tracking platform and witness the incredible earning potential for yourself. There are no strings attached to the demo; you can feel free to opt out anytime you’d like. However, if you’re serious about taking your call traffic to the next level, Phonexa has the power to do just that.

Don’t wait a second longer – we’ve got the tools you need to effect the changes you want! Schedule a consultation today.

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