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Mark Kosin
3 minute read
Mark Kosin
3 minute read

There’s no denying the adventurous nature of the human spirit. That daring drive to explore is clearly on display in 2018 as the U.S. celebrates the 60th anniversary of NASA and the 40th anniversary of the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail. In fact, NASA, the National Park Service, and the U.S. Geological Survey have teamed up for a unique project: a trek along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail via satellite. The project gives modern day satellite views of significant locations visited by the Lewis and Clark Expedition over 200 years ago.

This fascinating project combines a bold sense of exploration with powerful new technology. At Phonexa we also seek to combine audacious goals with cutting-edge innovation. This is evident in our E-Delivery platform—part of our all-in-one SaaS system that gives marketers an easy and effective way to conduct email marketing campaigns.

No worries if you’re unfamiliar with the ways that email marketing can help you reach more subscribers for lower costs: like Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea in 1804, we are ready to guide others along the path of discovery. Follow along as we break down the benefits of email marketing software.


Connect Like Never Before

Email marketing software allows you to communicate with subscribers in ways that just aren’t available in other marketing channels. Unlike banner ads, paid search, or other advertising methods, email marketing puts you in direct contact with people who have already expressed an interest in your business.

You’ll want to take every advantage of this by personalizing your emails. Use automation to make sure that your emails greet each recipient by their first name—this establishes a friendly connection with your subscribers.

Email automation can also help you anticipate your subscribers’ needs. Use data to track the “customer purchase cycle”—this lets you know how often or what time of year consumers are utilizing your products or services so that you can program your emails to remind them to engage. These practices allow your consumers to feel a rapport with your business, leading to more conversions and better customer satisfaction.


Promote Opportunities

It was Thomas Jefferson who commissioned the Lewis and Clark Expedition because he wanted to know what opportunities might be available in the American West. With email marketing, you can direct your subscribers to opportunities that you think they will be interested in.

Take advantage of customizable email templates to build transactional emails that encourage purchasing. Create messages that tap into your subscribers’ impulsive instincts with action verbs and an explanation of value. Then use specialized CTA buttons to lead customers straight to your website. The immediacy of emails is a tremendous asset: a well-crafted email can take a subscriber from their inbox to your website to complete a transaction in no time.


Measure Success

One of the most significant accomplishments of the Lewis and Clark Expedition was the creation of detailed maps that gave Americans a vivid picture of the vast wilderness between the Mississippi River and the Pacific Ocean. In the same way, you want every email campaign you undertake to provide you with more knowledge and insight.

This is the value of email campaign analytics: as part of our E-Delivery platform, campaign analytics gives you a comprehensive set of data that is collected from every subscriber on your list. Utilizing easy-to-follow reports, you can see which emails were opened, which were ignored, and which ones led to conversions on your website. In an era when data is unquestionably valuable, most businesses can’t afford to come up short when it comes to collecting information on their target customers’ purchasing habits.

The bottom line benefit of all this data means that you can optimize your campaigns to achieve a better return on investment (ROI). When you’ve finished your latest campaign and get to see all the final numbers, including your increased revenue, you’ll know what it is like to utilize technology and daring to achieve something great.

Chart your path to a better ROI with E-Delivery from Phonexa. Reach out today to schedule a consultation of our All-in-One marketing platform with our team.

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