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Mark Kosin
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Mark Kosin
4 minute read

In the month of October, our attention is nearly always drawn to things that go “bump” in the night. Mysterious beasts that blur the line between the known and unknown. America has many such creatures of legend. There’s the Skunk Ape of Florida: a smelly, hairy being that’s said to patrol the swamps of the Everglades. In West Virginia they have Mothman — a red-eyed winged entity that reportedly terrorized the small town of Point Pleasant in the 1960s.

And, of course, the granddaddy of them all: Bigfoot. The North American half-man, half-ape that has been recorded on film and reportedly follows the same seasonal habits of other animals in the Rocky Mountains has been a part of the continent’s folklore since before European settlers ever arrived.

While the stories of these legendary monsters are larger-than-life, they also remain heavily in doubt. But when it comes to finding success for your business, there is no doubt that utilizing a call tracking platform can deliver. Some of these beings are well-known because of stories passed down over generations, but there’s scant evidence of their existence. With the right call tracking platform, the positive results can be immediately verifiable. Here are just a few ways call tracking can net you monster success.

Put an End to Terrifying Hold Times

Other than confronting a Skunk Ape while jogging through the swamp, what is scarier than keeping people who call your business on hold for so long that they hang up? Even consumers who stay on during long hold times are beginning their interaction with your company under a negative cloud. A call tracking platform can help eliminate hold times by implementing Interactive Voice Response.

There is a clear advantage for utilizing Interactive Voice Response, or IVR, for inbound calls. The sophisticated voice interaction system uses AI technology to greet callers and collecting valuable information before they are connected with one of your representatives. With a responsive IVR standing by to handle incoming calls 24/7, your caller wait time fears will never materialize.

Don’t Fear the Unknown

Another fear that can plague marketers is that after all the hard work of creating a campaign and generating inbound calls that they have limited information when a caller finally reaches a representative. But that fear of the unknown can be eliminated with the implementation of call recording from a call tracking platform. With call recording, you can have easy access to a library of documented interactions between callers and your representatives. These calls provide you with a window into the consumer’s psyche—what do they like about your offers? Why might they be skeptical? Are your representatives effectively communicating your product’s benefits? With call recording, you can bring these murky unknowns into the daylight.

Stick Together

For any major project, be it a search for Bigfoot or a marketing campaign, it’s critical to stick together. As a marketer, you might regularly deal with integrating with third party applications such as Salesforce or Google Analytics—being able to seamlessly integrate these into your call tracking platform is a must.

With Phonexa’s All-in-One call tracking platform, API and third party integrations are easy and 100% free to implement. Make sure you’re getting all the benefits and data you need during your campaign by connected third party or in-house databases directly to your Phonexa platform.

The “monsters” of America loom large in cultural folklore, but remain elusive in the real world. Luckily, Phonexa’s all-in-one call tracking platform offers big advantages with conclusive results.

Interested in scaring up some more details about how Phonexa can help you find monster success?  Schedule a demo with our platform experts today—they’ll walk you through all the ways Phonexa can help your business (and do so with virtually no Halloween puns).

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Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.
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