Getting Creative with Call Tracking

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3 minute read

The first step in getting creative with call tracking is investing in an advanced call tracking platform  that provides you with enough tools to be creative. Your return on investment all starts with what you invest in. Incorporating an industry-leading call tracking software into your marketing campaigns will definitely give you all the features you need to refine your marketing efforts.

Call Tracking Tools

Since we’re comparing call tracking with a toolbox, here are its tools. With Phonexa’s call tracking software, you’ll receive charts and reports of these data in real-time:

  • Caller Device: We record the device used to make the call (click-to-call, mobile, tablets, etc.)
  • Call Referral: Which websites prompted the call
  • Effective Keywords: Which keywords prompted the call
  • Caller Demographics: The caller’s name, age, phone number, and location
  • Call Time: When the call was made
  • Location of Call: Where the call was made
  • Call Length: How long the call lasted
  • Departmental Performances: Which department received the most calls, which ones deflected the most calls, which ones experienced the shortest calls, etc.

Call Tracking: What You Can Do with Them

  1. Caller Device: Make use of this data by creating responsive advertisements that fits with the most popular devices. Nowadays, more than 90% of adults own a mobile phone and 42% own a tablet computer. Chances are, most callers are using these devices to reach out to your company. To impress your consumers, make the advertisements responsive and personal to each device that’s being used.
  1. Call Referral: Phonexa’s comprehensive call platform fully integrates with Google Analytics and other APIs, making it more convenient for ours users to track down websites and advertisements that prompted the call. With this data, you can invest more into the websites and advertisements that prompt the most calls. Knowing the source of your calls will give you a huge advantage over the market because you’ll quickly realize what works and what doesn’t.
  1. Effective Keywords: Similar to the referral websites, you’ll gain the upper hand in your industry if you know which keywords are the most effective in driving new callers. This function gives room for A/B testing and keyword optimization. Try out multiple keywords and record the performance of each one!
  1. Caller Demographics: Knowing the demographics of your callers is crucial to gauging the success and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns. Once you collect your callers’ age range, sex, ethnicity and location, you can focus your campaigns on reaching out the targeted demographics even more. For example, if your main caller demographic are young adult females, your offline and online marketing efforts should serve the majority of that demographic. You would target places where these young women spend most of their recreation time, whether that means in the mall or on Facebook.
  1. Call Time: Do you see a pattern in the frequency of calls throughout the week? Analyze the patterns and try scheduling more outreach and advertisements to stimulate more calls during certain times. You can also analyze the reason for those calls and incorporate that into your ads during high call hours.
  1. Location of Call: Knowing where the call was made is absolutely critical to testing the effectiveness of your offline campaigns. If most callers tend to call from a certain location, try investing in that ad campaign even more to reach out to the demographic of most callers!
  1. Call Length: The length of your customer calls could contribute to the overall quality of the call, but it’s not just about how long the phone call lasted. It’s also important to consider how long it takes for the automated attendant to pick up the call, how long the customer waits during hold time, and how long it takes for the issues to be resolved. Knowing the duration of each step will help you transform your entire customer call experience for the better.
  1. Departmental Performances: With the data you receive on which department receives the most calls, you can improve that department’s overall performance by way of call monitoring or call barging.

With each of these significant features, you can run countless tests and boost your business’ marketing efforts exponentially!

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