Happy Independence Day to the Land of Innovators

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3 minute read

The commemoration of our independence on July 4th deeply reflects the American DNA to liberate and innovate. Since the beginning, our country has been at the forefront of technological advancements, paving the way for the internet that we have today, the radio, the mobile phone, and the GPS. If there’s one specific category of inventions that Americans tend to lean towards the most, it is communications.

As the leading innovators of communication technology, our nation has inspired a culture that values connectedness and social interactions. The invention of the smartphone has trail blazed the way for consumers to connect with the businesses they love with the tap of a finger. Needless to say, communication technology now allows for real-time interactions, feeding the next generation a hunger for convenience in all aspects of the customer journey.

In such an intensely technological landscape, where does your business stand in terms of inbound and outbound communications? Your web leads and call leads are both trackable through modern tracking technology, but are you already on board this train? If not, this is why you should invest in advanced call tracking:

Full Customer Journey Insight: Phonexa’s advanced call tracking gives you the full look into the customer journey, from the moment your customer spots your ads until after the sale has closed. Receive big data on the keywords that prompted your calls and find out where your customers reside – both online and offline. Once you get the full view of your customer journey, you will know how to be more intentional with your marketing decisions.

Better Understanding of Your Target Audience: Call tracking also provides you with detailed user reports, so you’ll know exactly who called, why they called, how long they called for, how the call was handled, and so on. You’ll also receive insights on your customers’ demographics, starting with their first and last names, phone numbers, and geographic locations. You are free to customize your questionnaire to acquire additional customer information. This will enable you to know just how well your campaigns performed and what you need to do to attract more qualified leads in the future.

Real-Time Updates and Reports: As we mentioned before, getting updated in real-time is crucial to optimizing your campaigns and workflow. Phonexa allows you to be steps ahead of the game by keeping you in the loop with all the ins and outs of your various marketing ventures. Real-time updates will contribute greatly to your marketing success.

Better Campaign Optimizations: Because of the amount of detailed insights, real-time reports, and big data that you will receive, it would be difficult not to make better campaign optimizations. Phonexa’s platform also lets users create detailed comparison charts to evaluate their previous performances. Users will be able to track every relevant detail of their campaigns with Phonexa’s proprietary tracking solutions.

Department Evaluations: Not only will you be provided with detailed

insights on your inbound calls, but you will be able to track and evaluate your outbound performances as well. Outbound call tracking lets you know which agents or department converted the most leads, how long it took for agents to resolve the issue, how many rounds of transfers the callers had to go through, and more.

In addition to advanced call tracking, Phonexa also offers a plethora of robust software, including our LMS SYNC lead management system, VoicePLUS voice recognition, and Books360 automated accounting services. When it comes to communications, Phonexa has the upper hand. Our deep respect for innovation shines through the state-of-the-art products that we develop. Our hunger for brilliance is reflected in our business practices. We want to help your company surpass all others in the industry by providing you with next-level technology. If you’re ready to get serious about your inbound and outbound communications, give us a ring today. We’ll walk you through each of our platforms and show you exactly how Phonexa will take your business to another level!

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