How Call Tracking Boosts Your Inbound Marketing

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Let’s talk a bit about in-your-face marketing. Americans are all too familiar with the bold and boisterous outbound marketing tactics being shoved in our faces every single day, but it doesn’t seem to stop. Although decades of loud outbound strategies have already dulled our sensitivity to them, to the point where billboards and commercials have become nothing more than background noise, companies just don’t seem to learn. That’s one of the top things this Irish blogger learned when he traveled the States. He wrote on Business Insider, “I feel like scraping out my eyes with toothpicks when I’m forced to endure advertising in America. Make it stop. Most Americans aren’t even aware of it – it’s on all the time so much that it becomes nothing more than background noise. And this means that advertisers have to be even louder to get through to people. It’s a vicious circle that drives any non-American not used to it bonkers.” This cycle of trying to outdo one another in who can be the loudest, brightest, most shocking or profane, has been the epitome of the American marketing downfall.

Does that kind of marketing sound familiar to you? If you’ve fallen into the pointless outdoing-your-outbound competition, here’s the simple truth: it’s not about being louder. It’s about being closer.

What do we mean by this? Closer… as in location-wise? Certainly one small business can’t spend all of its money opening up subsequent locations if it isn’t ready. That’s not the kind of closeness we’re talking about. The kind of marketing that works best, across all generations and demographics, is relationship marketing – otherwise known as inbound marketing.

What is Inbound Marketing?

In short, inbound marketing is establishing a trusting relationship with your customers through ongoing marketing practices, such as social media marketing, email newsletters and SEO. The difference between inbound and outbound is that inbound marketing practices are:

Ongoing: While outbound marketing aims to interrupt the consumer’s daily life, inbound marketing tries to fit itself into the consumer’s established patterns. The ongoing nature of inbound makes it more sustainable overall because people become numb to outbound marketing after a while.

More Financially Sustainable: Because these ongoing strategies can either be automated with free tools or done on your own, it’s much more cost-efficient than outbound strategies. Compare the price of creating TV commercials with the price of email marketing. Generally speaking, email should be a lot more financially sustainable for small businesses than renting billboards or creating a commercial advertisement.

Attracts More Repeat Customers: Inbound marketing is known as relationship marketing for a good reason. Its consistent engagement with the audience encourages customers to come back more frequently.

Call Tracking Enhances Your Inbound Efforts

Now that we’ve established the importance of inbound marketing, we’ll discuss how call tracking can truly improve your inbound marketing efforts. The detailed metrics and analytics you’ll receive from Phonexa’s cloud-based call platform are both comprehensive and customizable. What this means is that we can scale our product to any business model in any industry. The brilliance of call tracking is that it accurately tracks and reports all of your calls, marketing details, and customer demographics. With Phonexa’s call tracking and analytics, you’ll know which inbound marketing channel worked best and why.

The ‘why’ in ROI attribution is quite possibly the most impressive detail you can get on your campaigns, because it’s not enough to just know which aspect of your marketing effort is performing well. For example, if you sent out a newsletter promoting your new product launch, you need to know whether the calls you’re receiving are from the newsletter or elsewhere. Call tracking reports on these exact details so you’ll know why the campaign worked the way it did. Combined with the possible survey that you can conduct with our advanced IVR, you’ll get the most relevant campaign details and survey results sent straight to your inbox every time.

Call tracking is the solution that boosts your customer retention rates, marketing budget, and competitive position within the industry. To get a full look insight the features yourself, schedule a consultation with us. We’ll be glad to show you just how powerful this tool can be when you’re trying to win over your target audience and boost your sales the inbound way.

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