How Real-Time Analytics Can Boost Your Customer Relations

Real-time reporting shouldn’t be seen as a luxury; instead, it should be considered a necessity for modern companies. With digital marketing making its way into every relevant industry, there’s no doubt that the world is evolving – and quick. People live on the internet; particularly, through the use of smartphones. That also means word gets around much faster than ever before. Customer service is now a huge player in whether or not businesses will last the first crucial couple of months. Take the restaurant industry, for example. Millions of consumers use Yelp on a daily basis, giving it the power to make or break an established business (let alone a new one). A few bad reviews is all it takes to discourage thousands of Yelpers to visit the restaurant. And with that many restaurants available, why should consumers settle for anything less than the best? Hence, even restaurants with delicious foods and businesses with real talent fail to match up to their competitors who might have inferior products but superior customer service. Every business is subjected to public critique in the modern era, for better or for worse. With your entire business at stake due to potentially bad reviews, would you be willing to keep aiming in the dark with your marketing outreach strategies? The answer, we’re guessing, is no.

Like any smart business out there, you’ve most likely developed your own tracking strategy to ensure the best performance for your various campaigns. However, if that strategy does not include real-time analytics, it is simply not good enough to compete with others in your field; particularly those who might be investing in this powerful technology. Real-time reporting comes with call tracking and call analytics. Whether you’ve employed online or offline ads, call tracking can trace every detail of your calls and report the results to you in real time. With technology like that at hand, it’s no wonder why some businesses are ahead of the game. Here’s how you can transform your customer relations with the help of real-time data.

Real-Time Call Analytics Keeps You in the Loop

We all know the importance of phone calls and its high conversion prospects, so to not track your calls would be a mistake. Real-time reporting makes it possible for you to be included in all of your ongoing calls as they happen. With up-to-the-minute reports on how your calls are performing. This feature is especially useful for training new employees in order to ensure that they are doing well on calls. If a person is kept on hold for too long or hangs up early, you’ll also be notified of those percentages via real-time call reports. These valuable insights all help you make data-informed decisions on the fly, which brings us to the next point.

Real-Time Analytics Helps You Make Informed Decisions

 In addition to the real-time call reports, you’ll also be informed of campaign performances as they happen. Managers and executives need to know exactly how their marketing campaigns are performing in real time in order to make fast adjustments. Finding out about a fatal flaw even a day later can be too late. The campaign might already lose its momentum by then. This is especially true when it comes to product launches. With hard launches, it’s always a good idea to keep a keen eye on how your campaigns are performing in order to avoid preventable disasters, such as a tone-deaf message that happens to conflict with ongoing social issues. When you’re updated with real-time reports of your campaigns, you can easily pull your ads or optimize them in real-time.

Real-Time Analytics Boosts Your Customer’s Trust in You

Hard-earned confidence from your target audience is absolutely priceless because it’s so difficult to establish and so easy to lose. One wrong move and you can potentially damage your hard-earned relationships. With something so seemingly fragile, you don’t want to take any chances or turn a blind eye to how your customers are responding. Real-time analytics solves this issue by giving you detailed insights into every campaign you’ve employed and ever conservation that’s happening. Your accurate optimizations and adjustments will essentially reflect on a greater customer service experience, which will deepen your customers’ trust in you.

Without waiting a second longer, you can access your own advanced call tracking system through a detailed demonstration of the platform. Schedule the demo with Phonexa today and we will show you how real-time reporting can benefit your specific business.

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