How to Drive More Calls with Call Logic

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When it comes to pulling in traffic, calls are the big fishes you need to catch. As much as web leads are important, studies show that inbound phone calls are 10-15 times more likely to convert than web leads!

With such a staggering statistic to support calls, now is the best time to optimize your marketing efforts with Phonexa’s premier call features. Here are four of the most effective ways to earn more calls with Phonexa:

Call Strategy #1: Get a Toll-Free, Vanity, or Local Number

Vanity and toll-free numbers are perfect for display advertisements because they are easily memorable. Consumers driving past a billboard aren’t going to have time to write down its complicated phone numbers. Similarly, those who might be interested in a radio advertisement will have a much easier time jotting down the phone number later if it’s simple and memorable.

If you want to put up a display advertisement or just market offline in general, toll-free and vanity numbers are the way to go. Toll-free numbers begin with the standard 800, 888, or 818, and are very easy to remember in passing. Vanity numbers offer even more memorability, as they spell out words related to the business. 1-800-CALL-NOW is an example of a vanity phone number. Local numbers allow customers to easily locate businesses nearby. Local numbers are incredibly useful for franchises. Phonexa offers thousands of these unique numbers to help you meet all of your marketing advertisement needs.

Call Strategy #2: Get Click-to-Call

Click-to-call is one of the best ways to convert your web leads into calls. Once you get your leads on the phone, it’s generally much easier to convert them into buyers. As much as 94% of consumers expect brands to offer Click-to-Call on their search results. This is, of course, correlated with the exponential rise of mobile searchers.

The reason why Click-to-Call works so well because it gives people the convenient option to get connected with businesses in one easy click. It adds value to your marketing advertisements because it saves time and increases your ROI. We’ve mentioned before that digital technology is akin to survival of the fittest, and the fittest are the ones who embrace convenience and make communications easier for consumers.

Call Strategy #3: Get Call Tracking

Phonexa’s advanced call tracking software takes analytics to a whole new level. Our Call Tracking is essential to help businesses drive more traffic because it provides detailed information on callers and sends comparison reports to help businesses maximize their ROI. With our proprietary call tracking software, you will receive visual representations of the quality of your leads, detailed caller demographics, advanced reporting, and additional web analytics that show you the effectiveness of your campaigns. These critical details are the tools you need to optimize your online and offline campaigns, which will ultimately affect how well you drive your call traffic.

Call Strategy #4: Get Phonexa’s Advanced Voice Recognition System

VoicePLUS, Phonexa’s very own advanced voice recognition software, integrates seamlessly with our Call Tracking and Automatic Call Distributor to refine the caller experience. VoicePLUS uses natural human speech to greet and service customers to ensure high customer satisfaction ratings. This multilingual, high vocabulary intelligence software also has the capability to learn new speech patterns, which caters to customers with disabilities or heavy accents.

The VoicePLUS system helps to drive more traffic by simply creating an excellent call experience. 82% of consumers admitted that getting their issue resolved quickly is the number one factor to the great customer experience. All of the advanced components of VoicePLUS allows verbal interaction to much smoother and more efficient, resulting in faster customer service and higher customer satisfaction ratings.

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