How to Earn More Customers with Call Tracking

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It’s every company’s top priority to acquire more customers, but eMarketer suggests that there is a significant disconnect between wanting to increase their consumer base and having the means to do so. The key to earning more customers all starts with the customer journey. Businesses need detailed insight on where their customers are calling from, when their customers generally call, and which keywords prompted the call in order to fully optimize their campaigns to draw in more of the same demographics.

It turns out that a whopping 84% of companies have considered call tracking to increase their conversions and customer base, but only around 10% of companies actually have that capability. Phonexa’s call tracking software is among the most competitive available on the market and presents a better way for companies to measure their campaigns’ effectiveness. This is how you can increase your company’s ROI and earn more loyal customers with call tracking:

Benefits of a Call Tracking Software: Personalized Greetings

We’ve mentioned the importance of personalization many times before, but it doesn’t hurt to emphasize it again. With Call Tracking made available to you, personalized messages, emails, and greetings will come easier than ever. Call Tracking gives you the callers’ first and last name, enabling you to make more engaging conversations with your callers. In addition to first and last names, you will also know the location of their calls as well as their residential city, so your interactions with your customers thereafter can be tailored to their needs. This brings us to the next point.

Benefits of a Call Tracking Software: Immediate Call Routing

Since call tracking allows you to know the geographic location of your callers, your system can immediately route calls to the appropriate location based on where you callers are making the call. This feature is incredibly useful for companies with multiple locations. Since the Automatic Call Distributor works automatically with call tracking, your agents won’t have to answer the call just to redirect the call elsewhere. In fact, your IVR won’t even have to pick up before the call has already been transferred to the right location. This feature frees up your agents to handle more complex inquiries, and not to mention, impress your customers with its ultra-convenience. The most effective way to earn more customers is by resolving their inquiries quickly. So, by limiting as many unnecessary conversations as possible, you will be giving customers exactly what they want: fast results.

Benefits of a Call Tracking Software: Meticulous Follow-Ups

Many businesses fail to recognize the importance of re-targeting customers, even though this strategy is proven to be even more profitable than reaching out to new customers. Several studies, including this one by SweetToothRewards, reported that once a customer has made a purchase, he or she has a 27% chance of making another purchase with your business. Repeat customers can become a stable stream of income for your business if you take the time to re-engage and nurture them. Phonexa’s call tracking and analytics allow you to do just that by laying out all the data in a user-friendly interface. You will be able to group customers based on their reported call experience and more. Follow-ups will be easier than ever before.

Benefits of a Call Tracking Software: Cultural Consideration

Another thoughtful way to earn more customers is by going the extra step with their geographic location and demographics. Call tracking allows you to know who the customers are, so you can take this a step further by customizing your IVR to accommodate to their linguistic needs. If a customer is calling from a predominantly Hispanic region, your IVR will be able to offer the option for them to speak in Spanish. This kind of meticulous consideration will set you apart from your competitors and encourage customers to use your service again.

All of these methods are made available by our call tracking platform. Call tracking enables businesses to optimize their customer service and earn customers the right way. To get an inside look at the platform yourself, schedule a consultation today!

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