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How to Improve Your Customer Relations with Voice Technology

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4 minute read

Voice automation has been a staple in our phone conversations for the past few decades, making the automated voice an expected part of the customer journey.

When customers make a phone call to a business, they are likely to be greeted by a machine, which does the busywork of routing the caller to the correct department and even completing simple inquiries on behalf of the agent. There’s no doubt that an automated voice system is the most important factor for setting first impressions.

How can you improve your customer relations using just your automated voice response system?

First, we have to take a look at what customers want in a phone call. Out of all the characteristics that make up an engaging phone conversation, personalization has got to take the cake.

Accenture found that 75% of customers are more likely to make their purchase if the company recommends products based on their previous purchases or addresses them by name.

People want to be known because it gives them a great feeling of importance, and the best way to let your customers know that they are important to you is by personalizing your call experience.

One might think that personalization would be difficult with a machine, but the truth of the matter is that the most efficient and effective forms of personalized marketing have been through the automated system. In this day and age, it’s in the nature of marketing to invest in automation. Automated systems save both time and resources for your company and your customers if it’s done correctly.

You can personalize the call experience through multiple options, and it doesn’t necessarily need to include live agents on the phone. For simple inquiries, such as checking a balance, filing a report, or even making a purchase, live agents aren’t always necessary (or even wanted) for the job.

The process of transferring the caller to an agent to solve a simple inquiry creates too much friction in the customer journey, even if the experience would be more “personal.” In such instances, convenience and efficiency trump personalization.

Yet, personalization can still be achieved through other means, such as the voice system’s ability to reroute the call based on customer demographics, present multiple language options based on caller location, ask thoughtful questions based on a customizable questionnaire, and use a natural human voice to communicate with your customers.

Now, we’re not saying that live agents aren’t important. They most definitely are. Nothing can replace the authenticity of a person’s voice and the ability to handle difficult problems quite like real representatives.

As much as we try, even the most advanced AI machine can’t anticipate and creatively solve problems that aren’t already programmed into their systems. That’s why Phonexa leverages the strengths of both voice recognition technology and real customer support agents to create the perfect phone system for your company.

We have a firm understanding of how to interweave technology and human interactions in a way that highlights the strengths of both sides and gives the customer an unforgettable call experience.

Phonexa’s state-of-the-art voice recognition system, VoicePLUS, works hand-in-hand with our IVR and Automatic Call Distributor to deliver an incredible first impression that will last.

Thanks to our advanced call tracking software, your customer experience will improve exponentially, keeping callers coming back and earning you the reputation of having excellent customer care. Phonexa’s automated system can be customized for any industry, so your customers will have the option to use self-service for all simple queries. This will free up your agents to handle more difficult cases.

Of course, your call experience doesn’t just end there. With Phonexa’s Call Tracking, you’ll receive insights on both your inbound and outbound calls. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to optimize your campaigns while improving your customer service at the same time. Request a demo today!

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