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How to Optimize Your Ads with Call Tracking

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5 minute read

It’s not an easy task to get your advertisements right the first time you optimize them. Unless you have clear and accurate analytics to help you make the right changes to your campaigns, it can be just as futile as reaching in the dark.

The chances that you will actually reach the right customers with your online and offline advertisements the first time around would be slim without the right automation.

This is precisely why Phonexa developed an incredible call tracking software to help businesses just like yours. With Phonexa’s call tracking integrated into your marketing campaigns, you will know which advertisements are pulling in the most callers.

A/B testing will also be easier and more efficient than ever because our call tracking software automates the data-gathering process for you, so you’ll have all the information you need to implement data-driven tests. If you’re ready to optimize your advertisements with our advanced call tracking software, keep reading!

Implement Geo-Location Targeting with Phonexa’s call tracking software

Geo-location targeting is possible with Phonexa’s call tracking software, which makes it extremely easy for businesses to tailor their marketing advertisements to the correct audience base.

Geo-location targeting is the literal act of estimating the geographic location of an object or person, so to put this in marketing terms, it means to strategically employ your advertisements in places where there are the highest quality leads.

For example, call tracking lets you know exactly which demographic or age group your target market falls into. With that information, you can effectively set up your advertisements in locations where your target market hangs out most frequently.

Geo-location targeting is absolutely crucial to catching new and old leads, as you can imagine why. If your leads are already looking for your service, they are called high-quality leads, or warm leads. Sometimes, all that your warm leads need is an advertisement, or a reminder, that your service or product is only one call or click away. With Phonexa’s call tracking, getting ahold of these warm leads will be easier than ever.

Try Vanity, Toll-Free, and Local Numbers

In addition, to call tracking, Phonexa also offers vanity, toll-free, and local numbers. Vanity numbers are phone numbers that spell out a specific word that relates to your product or service.

For example, if you are in the insurance industry, your vanity number would be 1-800-INSURED, or 1-888-GET-HELP. Vanity phone numbers are perfect for marketing and branding purposes because they make it easier for customers to contact you and remember what your brand is all about.

Believe it or not, we have more than enough vanity phone numbers for every industry, so sign up with Phonexa today if you want to get ahold of your own optimized vanity number.

Furthermore, toll-free numbers are simply phone numbers that start with 1-888, 800, 877, 866, etc. You might have seen quite a few of these in your lifetime, and for good reason. Although not as catchy as vanity phone numbers, toll-free numbers are usually just as easy to memorize.

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Many businesses implement different toll-free numbers on each of their marketing advertisements in order to accurately attribute ROI to their ads. Finally, local numbers are exactly what they sound like: phone numbers that are localized to increase your visibility within the surrounding areas.

You have the choice to reserve local numbers from anywhere within the United States. This simple but genius marketing strategy will definitely encourage more potential customers to engage with your advertisements and call your business.

Create Demographic-Friendly Designs

Call tracking gives you incredible insights on your target audience, as mentioned before. You will receive customer details such as

  • First and last names
  • Age group,
  • Geographic location
  • Phone numbers, and much more.

This important information can then be applied to your advertisement designs to fuel your impressive, demographic-friendly campaigns. Knowing your audience is key to advertisement optimization, so the more insights you receive, the better your marketing strategies will be.

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This is precisely the kind of work that calls for Phonexa’s advanced call tracking software. You’ll get to know the entire customer journey from start to finish, giving you a key advantage over the rest of the market. Imagine knowing all about your callers their purchase history before even having to pick up their call. That is the power of Phonexa.

Schedule a consultation with us to get an inside look at the platform today!

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