How to Improve Customer Service with Call Tracking

We’re all aware that the quality of your customer journey determines the overall outcome of your sales, but do you actually know what determines the quality of your customer journey?

Like you would’ve most likely guessed, there are numerous factors that go into making a complete and outstanding customer experience. There’s the outreach strategy, online browsing experience, phone automations, conversations with the representatives, customer treatment, efficiency of the call, and so forth. These countless factors oftentimes warrant companies to reach out to multiple tracking and analytics platforms in order to get the full insight into their customer journey.

In business, insight is imperative. You can’t afford to miss a thing; otherwise, you wouldn’t know how to properly optimize your campaigns for better future performances. That’s why we don’t blame these businesses for going out of their way to track their campaign results. The pursuit of ROI attribution in itself is a wise move to make. Unfortunately, up until now, it’s been a great struggle for these companies to keep their costs down while trying to optimize their customer service. The problem is that there are simply no all-in-one solutions for modern businesses to keep track of all of their various campaigns. How can they properly and efficiently optimize their customer service experience if it’s tough for them to even get the right insights into their customer journey?

The All-in-One Solution

Customer service encompasses much more than just your direct communication with your customers. It branches into how your advertisement makes them feel, how efficient and convenient it is for them to reach you, how long it takes for them to receive the service that they want, and whether or not they get a polite follow up from your business thereafter. To give you a better understanding of the type of solution that you need that would help you with every step of this optimization process, we’ll first paint a mental picture of the ideal customer journey:

Your target customer sees your display advertisement and is intrigued by the message of the ad because it has been well-researched and optimized to speak to their needs.

The advertisement makes it easy for the customer to reach your business because of a memorable vanity phone number.

Once the customer dials, the call is automatically transferred to the nearest store to skip the unnecessary friction of a manual call transfer.

If your business doesn’t have local stores and you would prefer your calls to go straight to the corporate sales team, then the customer would be greeted with a pleasant and natural voice response system. The voice system would be integrated with our advanced call tracking software, which would then offer multi-lingual options based on your caller demographics. This thoughtful step separates the average call with a truly memorable customer service experience.

The caller would have the options to perform self-service tasks or to speak to an agent. If an agent is selected, the call will go to the most appropriate agent for the job. Call tracking also tracks your caller’s purchase history, so you can predetermine who should handle your calls based on their experience in customer service, quality of service, sales position, etc.

Throughout the conversation, you’ll see the visual representation of how the call is performing in real-time on Phonexa’s comprehensive dashboard. This allows you or any of your managers to cut in at any time to provide further assistance on the call, should the situation call for it.

After the call, you will also have full insights into how the conversation was handled, whether or not the lead was converted into a sale, and other important information for future optimizations.

Believe it or not, your business model can reflect that exact ideal example with the help of Phonexa’s all-in-one call tracking solution. Phonexa is dedicated to helping your business grow, starting from the grassroots. You need full insight into your customer journey in order to boost your customer retention rates, and we’ve got the tools to help you.

To peek inside Phonexa’s comprehensive solutions, simply schedule a demo with us today. We’ll take you through the platform and show you how Phonexa can help grow your business.

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