How to Boost Your ROI by Increasing Phone Call Conversions

Mark Kosin
4 minute read
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Mark Kosin
4 minute read

If your business is focused on generating leads and converting prospects, then you know how important it is to grow your ROI. Getting a robust return on your investment can be critical to your company’s success. But with so many opportunities and different marketing strategies available, it can be difficult to know what steps to take to squeeze the most out of your marketing budget.

Fortunately, there is one simple way you can bring some extra lift to your ROI – generating and converting more inbound calls.

The Importance of Calls

It may be odd to think that the 143-year-old telephone can be such a powerful force in modern digital marketing, but the call has enjoyed a major renaissance thanks to the ubiquity of smart phones. Mobile devices have allowed the “click-to-call” practice to flourish: simply embedding a “Call Now” call-to-action button on your mobile site can have a major impact in driving calls and conversions.

Just how powerful an asset is click-to-call? Past reports have valued click-to-call commerce at more than $1 trillion in total transactions. Even with the tremendous growth of e-commerce, it has been clear that many consumers still prefer to get information and complete their transactions over the phone. Capturing the attention of prospects who call should be a top priority because these consumers are also more likely to convert.

Recent statistics show the true value of inbound calls (source: Forrester Consulting/Marchex, June 2017):

  • 60% of marketers say inbound calls will convert on an average of 30% faster.
  • 60% of marketers say inbound callers will spend an average of 28% more.

These figures reveal what many marketers have known from experience: if you’re willing to pick up the phone (or simply click-to-call) then you are likely closer to conversion than others who are still browsing and researching online. So naturally any marketer looking to improve their ROI needs to generate more inbound call conversions.

Enhancing Your Phone Call Conversions

With a wealth of conversion-ready prospects waiting to make the call, marketers should do everything they can to get more inbound calls.

Here are a few strategies to boost your ROI by increasing phone call conversions:

1. Invest in Mobile Search

Mobile search revenue reached $13.5 billion in the first half of 2018, a remarkable snapshot of the incredible power of mobile search. If you want to increase your calls make sure that you are appearing on mobile SERPs. Take steps so that your site is welcoming to mobile users and nudges them towards a click-to-call button.

2. Retarget Past Callers

Use past caller data to get back in touch and retarget those who have called your business before. That doesn’t mean you have to call them—if you’re utilizing a call tracking software, you should have access to their contact information and can use it to reconnect with previous customers. Take advantage of CTAs so that they give you a call back.

3. Drive Calls in Ad Campaigns

While your digital ad campaigns may revolve around digital conversion, make changes so that those campaigns are also driving calls. One smart way to go about this is using click-to-call in paid search ads. Any steps you take to optimize your ads to drive more calls will likely help with your conversions.

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Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.
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