Improve Your Email Marketing with Call Logic

While private messages and other instantaneous forms of communications are becoming more available today, email is not going to disappear anytime soon. In fact, there’s a considerable amount of evidence to support that it’s actually thriving in the midst of these other forms of digital communications.

According to the 2016 Litmus Email Report, email still yields the highest return on investment out of all other digital marketing channels. For each dollar spent on email marketing, businesses receive $38 in return. In addition, Selligent’s Marketing Trends reported that 55% of marketers planned to boost their email marketing budget in 2016 after it was shown to be a profitable investment.

These optimistic numbers and reports all point to one thing: email isn’t going anywhere. Still, marketers shouldn’t let their guards down when it comes to campaign optimizations. Just because a channel is growing does not mean that it’s easy to steadily increase click-through rates over time. With so many notifications and other pings to bombard our attention span every minute, email marketers will have to incorporate more into their emails to ensure higher conversions.

That’s where the phone call comes in. Today’s customer journey looks completely different than how it was just a decade ago, thanks to the incredible rise of the smartphone. It’s now part of our daily routines to check our email on our phones every morning when we wake up and before we go to sleep. Whether or not we’d like to admit it, our favorite platforms are merging, and it’s in our best interest to adjust to that merge the best way we can.

Phonexa’s Call Logic platform solves this issue by unifying all of your communications methods under one comprehensive roof. There is no doubt that email marketing is worthwhile, so take it to the next level with Call Logic. With Call Logic’s click-to-call feature, you can have your customers reach you with one tap of a button. Convenience comes first when it comes to increasing click-throughs and conversions, so click-to-call is the perfect solution to that problem. Call Logic takes it a step further and allows you to track your calls as well. Find out who your callers are, where they called from, and which email advertisement prompted their calls. These crucial details will help you to do the following:

Optimize Your Campaigns: In order to optimize your campaigns effectively, you need to analyze data-driven results from previous campaigns. Phonexa’s call tracking and call analytics will give you all the crucial details you need to make the appropriate changes to your campaigns. Find out which of your keywords were the most effective, which email prompted the call, the purpose of the call, and other detailed marketing analytics.

Target Your Audience: Phonexa’s call tracking helps you to target your audience more accurately than ever before. Receive detailed caller analytics, such as the first and last names, location, date of call, time of call, length of call, and the purpose of their call. You can also customize the IVR questionnaire to retrieve the particular customer demographics that you need.

Perform Split Tests: With Call Logic’s advanced metrics on your side, you can easily perform split tests with your email campaigns and compare your results on a user-friendly interface. Split tests are incredibly important for campaign optimization purposes, so with the right tools to help you perform better split tests, your campaigns will turn out to be much more effective.

Personalize Your Calls: Call Logic helps you personalize your calls with a state-of-the-art voice recognition software and a fully customizable IVR. Consumers still choose to call their favorite businesses today, despite having the option to chat with a live agent, because calls add a personal touch that can’t be replaced by digital communications. Phonexa’s advanced voice recognition feature, VoicePLUS, personalizes your calls by using a human-like automated attendant to meet your callers’ needs.

To find out more about Call Logic or even test it out with your next email campaign, simply schedule a consultation with us today! We’ll give you the full run-through on how the platform works and help you integrate it into your existing applications.

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