Improving Your Efficiency with an Email Marketing Platform

Out of all of the finite resources that businesses have to manage, perhaps none is as overlooked or as important as time. Few things can have as big an impact on a business as time well spent, or time that is wasted. This is something revealed by business leadership expert Divya Parekh in her Forbes article that covers three aspects of effective time management. In her estimation, they are vision, flexibility, and prioritizing.

Businesses may not know that email marketing can be a tremendous time-saver. Any marketer who has sought to improve their workflow and grow their reach can benefit immensely from the right email marketing platform. Here’s how.

Vision: Set Goals and Track Your Progress

Parekh writes that “Having the clarity about your future enables you to establish the necessary direction to achieve your goals.” Knowing what milestones you want to achieve can be especially helpful in avoiding tasks or markets that aren’t part of your goal.

Taking advantage of an email marketing platform can go a long way in creating and maintaining your vision. Using campaign analytics, you can utilize past data to make predictions about the future. Intuitive graphs and data displays make it easy to set your goals and check that you are hitting your targets.

Flexibility: Monitor and Adjust Your Campaign

While long-term goals are integral to maintaining focus, it is also necessary for any business leader to know when changes need to be made to reflect their current situation. “Honing your ability to make adjustments in how you operate is going to save you a great deal of time,” writes Parekh. When you are running a marketing campaign and implementing an email strategy, it is entirely possible you may need to adapt to reflect new circumstances.

An email marketing platform makes it easy to keep a close watch on your campaign’s performance and make the right adjustments. If news or market shifts suddenly make tomorrow’s email blast obsolete, pause your emails so you can fine-tune your message. The right email marketing platform turns last-minute changes into an effortless process—so you don’t waste previous time scrambling when you need to modify your campaign.

Prioritizing: Spend Time on What Matters

For any marketer, being able to prioritize tasks is a must. Mostly, that means keeping your attention focused on the big picture and not getting bogged down in menial tasks. When it comes to helping you prioritize, an email marketing platform can be incredibly impactful.

For example, you wouldn’t want to spend hours working on integrating your platform with different email service platforms. Fortunately, the best email marketing platforms will provide seamless ESP integration. The same goes for email deliverability. Your focus should be on the messages you send out and engagement levels, not whether or not your emails are being delivered. Take steps to confirm you have an email marketing platform with industry-leading reliability and security. Taking technical concerns off your plate allows for more time spent on tasks that are better suited to your efforts. Email marketing platforms allow you to do just that.

“Developing a solid relationship with time will enable you to not only meet your current business goals but also allow you to grow faster than you anticipated,” concludes Parekh. One of the first steps any marketer can take when crafting a more efficient workflow is to utilize the right email marketing platform. Doing so will help your business thrive and allow you to focus on high-priority tasks.

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Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin is a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing. His background includes experience in copywriting, search engine optimization, B2B marketing, social media, and video production.




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