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Brand exposure usually costs a pretty penny to obtain, especially within the competitive digital arena. In order to gain more exposure, brands pay hundreds of thousands of dollars for creative campaigns that compete for the viral limelight. These campaigns are meticulously crafted, from the design to the platform, to the contact method and creative copy. Perhaps you know what we’re talking about. Businesses of all sizes, backgrounds, and years of experience are all on the same playing field when it comes to competing for brand exposure. No one goes easy for the next company because business is tough.

The Issues

Yet, not many brands dare to invest their resources into getting a comprehensive tracking solution for their brilliant campaigns. The lack of proper ROI attribution renders their otherwise great campaigns useless for long-term success. Even if some of these campaigns cross into viral territory, without a proprietary tracking platform integrated into their various campaigns, it will be terribly difficult to track their performance in real time, improve on attributes that need to be optimized, and replicate the same amount of impact for future campaigns. Let’s break the issues down in detail:

ROI Attribution: We’ve written before on ROI attribution, but the gist of the matter is that you need a proper ROI attribution method in order to improve your campaigns and increase your brand exposure. Chances are, your business has employed multiple marketing campaigns at once for optimal exposure. When the tracking methods are fragmented, it makes things more difficult for you to attribute ROI to the right campaigns.

Campaign Optimization: No matter how polished a campaign may feel, there is always more room for improvement. Companies that invest in the right tracking tools make it easier for themselves when it comes time to enhance their existing campaigns. Data-informed optimizations are more pointed, relevant, and effective than optimizations that are done on guesswork.

Real-Time Updates: Without real-time updates on your campaigns, you won’t have the data your need to make informed adjustments on the fly. Your view of the customer journey would be delayed, so you won’t be able to improve on existing campaigns and customer interactions to steer your performance in the right direction.

The Solution

As mentioned, the stakes are high when it comes to campaign optimizations. Without a proper growth strategy, you might get lucky with one or two viral campaigns that spike your brand exposure, but you won’t know how to sustain or replicate that growth in the future. The solution to this is plain and simple: invest in an advanced, all-in-one call tracking software. Here are some of the highlighted benefits from investing in this marketing technology:

Call Details: Call details, such as the advertisement sources that prompted your calls, caller demographics, and call statuses are all neatly displayed on one comprehensive dashboard for you to monitor while calls are pouring in. With concrete call details to reference, you will be able to easily and accurately attribute ROI to the right advertisement sources.

Additional Web Analytics: In addition to seeing your call campaign details, a proprietary call tracking solution should also give you additional web analytics so that you can track your web leads in real-time as well. It makes sense that all of your tracking methods should be in one spot. When the ROI tracking process requires you to switch from platform to platform, the fragmentation will waste more time and money while being less effective in the long run.

Enhanced Customer Experience: Call tracking can be integrated with your voice recognition system, allowing for a smoother and more efficient call experience. For example, if a caller dials from an area with a higher Hispanic population, call tracking will work with the voice recognition system to offer Spanish speaking options. A more personalized caller experience results in a sustained brand presence. There’s no use getting a great amount of exposure without the necessary tools to sustain it. That’s why call tracking is such an integral component to any marketing strategy.

Call tracking gives you the full view on your entire customer journey; from beginning to end. You’ll have access to top-tier analytics, allowing you to make data-informed decisions on the go. When it’s time to optimize your campaigns, you’ll already have all the information you need to make the appropriate changes for even more exposure next round.

To get an inside look on a proprietary call tracking solution today, schedule a consultation with Phonexa. We will walk you through the platform and show you how call tracking can take your business to the next level.

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