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How many times have you left your callers waiting on the phone because of an overly packed call queue, only to lose those calls after a few minutes because the callers were too impatient to wait? Unfortunately, this is a common occurrence for call centers because consumers still prefer to call in to get their issues resolved, regardless of the other available contact options. The thought of calling in simply gives callers a greater sense of gratification as though they have done their part in resolving the issue. Of course, if they are able to get ahold of the agent on the other line, then their expectations are met and the call will be considered successful. On the other hand, if they made the effort to call in but had to hang up out of the frustration of being on hold, then your business might run the risk of developing a bad reputation for inefficient customer service. This can have a detrimental trickle-down effect, as studies have revealed that 13% of unhappy customers tell 15 or more people about their negative experience on average. If you want to ensure a positive experience for all of your callers, here’s how to make your phone calls more efficient:

Automatic Call Distribution

The magic of the automatic call distributor (ACD) is such that it works extremely well for companies of all industries – anyone utilizing a phone system can benefit from investing in the ACD. This automation saves calls by automatically rerouting it to the appropriate agent, department or store location, saving both your company and your callers the extra tedious step of a call transfer.  Having one less point of friction will contribute to an overall seamless and efficient phone call. The ACD makes this happen by distributing your calls to the available sources, clearing up the queue and giving your callers back their time.

Call Tracking

Call tracking can integrate with your ACD to reroute calls based on the callers’ purchase history, location or demographic. The exact filters can be customized by you to ensure that your calls end up in the right places. Call tracking contributes to higher conversion rates and saves your calls from being dropped because it works so efficiently and accurately to personalize your calls. Consumers enjoy being catered to, but with a high volume of calls coming in, it can be nearly impossible to make everyone feel cared for if you’re short-staffed. Call tracking adds a helpful personal touch to your calls to enhance your customer journey.

Real-Time Analytics and Reports

If you truly want to never miss another call again, integrate with a tracking system that sends you real-time analytics. From just a glance at the reports you’ll receive, you can optimize your ongoing campaigns and save your existing calls from being dropped. Some important stats you’ll receive include the progression of your calls and the sales status of each call. If it seems as though things aren’t going well, you can easily transfer the call to a representative that can better service the caller.


Finally, there’s the self-servicing option which companies so often take for granted, not knowing that it plays a significant part in boosting their customer journey. There are generally two kinds of inquiries that a call center receives: an easy inquiry that should take no longer than a few minutes to resolve, and a more complex inquiry that requires personal assistance from a representative. Those with simple inquiries tend to prefer self-service over speaking to an agent because resolving the issues on their own can be a much faster solution. Companies that offer self-service options through the help of an advanced IVR will most likely earn higher customer service ratings over time.

We encourage you to take action on your missed calls. Each call that falls through could have been a potential long-time customer, and a 10% increase in repeat customers have shown to result in a 30% increase in the company’s overall value. Take your call experience to new heights and ditch those bad ratings for good. Schedule a consultation  with Phonexa today and we’ll give you the full look at our powerful call automation features.

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