How to Onboard More Customers with Call Tracking

The customer onboarding process is too often an arduous, complicated and uncertain process for everyone involved. No matter how talented your sales team is, if the established flow of the onboarding process isn’t seamless, the same problems will keep reoccurring; even to the point of causing interruptions in the process itself. For example, before customers can speak to a sales representative, they have to speak first to an automated machine most times. If the voice response system isn’t optimized accordingly, it can plant seeds of customer churn early in the process. You want to avoid causing friction and make the customer journey as smooth and easy as possible – especially in the early stages. The initial impression matters a lot when it comes to customer acquisition. In this article, we’ll discuss the brilliant ways in which a call tracking software can smoothen the customer onboarding process and encourage higher conversion rates overall.

Call Tracking Customizes the Onboarding Process

Users of the Phonexa call tracking platform will have complete control over the customization of their campaigns and analytics. Users can easily set up filters, notifications, customer segmentation, and other similar customizations to make the onboarding experience as easy and smooth as possible. We often forget that customer acquisition doesn’t start when the customer dials in; it starts when the customer sees the company’s contact method on the advertisement. Call tracking provides memorable vanity phone numbers to help companies advertise their brand while making it easier for callers to dial in. Every step of the onboarding process can be enhanced by call tracking; from the phone conversation to the closing sale and onwards.

Call Tracking Unifies All Outreach Campaigns

More likely than not, your company has employed multiple outbound campaigns in hopes of onboarding as many new customers as possible. This is a great idea because the bigger the net, the more fish you’ll be able to catch. Call tracking supports this marketing effort by displaying the progress and results of all of your ongoing campaigns on a single, user-friendly dashboard. This omnichannel approach to marketing is much more efficient, cost-effective, and ideal for optimizing the customer journey. Brands can focus their efforts on marketing while call tracking does the tedious work of reporting every important detail of the campaign and call.

Call Tracking Sends Real-Time Feedback

With real-time feedback on your campaigns, you can optimize your marketing efforts quickly and accurately. Know which advertisements are pulling in the most calls and which ones need a bit more work. These real-time, actionable insights will enable your business to get ahead of the competition with ease. With call tracking, every step of the customer onboarding process will be detailed and reported to always keep you in the loop. The genius of call tracking’s real-time analytics is that it allows you to pick and choose which campaign insights you want to be notified. The rest of the details can be easily accessed through the comfort of your own smartphone.

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