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Even with all the promising marketing technology that’s been debuting in the last few years, it’s still rare for businesses to come across a proprietary solution that boosts all of their inbound and outbound marketing efforts. It seems as though every business department needs to invest in its own automations and tracking technology in order to truly flourish. Yet, these kinds of investments can quickly add up and take away a significant amount from your total expenditures. For medium to large businesses, this can be costly and inefficient. For small businesses, this can be detrimental. The solution, therefore is to invest in one singular platform that will do the work of ten. Phonexa’s cloud-based call tracking platform enhances all of your departmental performances from the bottom up; namely, these three major departments:

Call Tracking for Marketing

 The marketing department is akin to an architect drawing the blueprints for a new home. She strategizes the blueprints in a way that will maximize the amount of land while fulfilling all of her client’s requirements. This is a creative department that strategizes and oversees the execution process. Call tracking enhances your marketing department by giving them greater insight on their campaign results. With all of the available marketing channels, it’s difficult to accurately track all of your campaign results without a dedicated tracking solution. For example, if your marketing department employs a mix of inbound strategies, such as email newsletters and SEO, along with outbound strategies, such as billboards and other display advertisements, how can they be sure that all of their different campaigns are bringing in the calls? With call tracking, you’ll know exactly how many calls each advertisement generated with extreme accuracy. This valuable ROI attribution function allows your marketing department to optimize their efforts in the most effective way.

Call Tracking for Customer Service

 Your customer service department is perhaps the most critical aspect of your customer retention strategy because their interactions with your target customers will determine whether or not your customers will return. Customer service is valued just as much as the desired product itself. To demonstrate our point, as much as 55% of consumers are willing to pay more for the same product if it means that they will receive a better customer experience from it. Additionally, up to 86% of consumers are willing to pay more for an upgraded experience. In business, it really is all about selling the entire purchasing experience, not just the product or service by itself. The most successful companies are the ones who embrace this concept and double down on their customer service process. By investing in Phonexa’s call tracking, these companies are able to personalize their calls in a way that can only be dreamt of years ago. Callers will be automatically transferred to the appropriate agent who might be able to service them in their mother language to ensure a smoother call experience. Before the agent even picks up the call, he or she will already have the first and last name of the caller, the caller’s location, phone number, and purchase history. With this raw data at hand, the customer service agent can then service the caller in an effective and efficient way. Call tracking provides plenty of other valuable caller demographics that will give your customer service department the tools it needs to excel.

Call Tracking for Sales

If your customer service department is the key to customer retention, then your sales department is the key to customer acquisition. Your sales team should already be equipped with the brightest and quickest sales wizards that you can find, but even they can only do so much. To clear up more time for your sales department to focus on doing what they do best, invest in call tracking. Call tracking makes the sales process a lot more convenient to track and optimize for your representatives. From the moment the call is transferred to your sales department, call tracking will already be monitoring the sales process; scoring the call based on efficiency, purchase results, and customer satisfaction.

If you want to take a look inside the platform yourself, schedule a consultation today. This article was just a brief overview of what Phonexa’s call tracking can do for your specific business. We recognize that every company is fundamentally different. That’s why our platform was designed to be scaled to any business size and business process. You’ll learn the ins and outs on how to make the most of this software for your specific company, so feel free to send us a query today!

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