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America is known for its ingenuity. Look at the city of Chicago: in the late nineteenth century, nearby Lake Michigan was becoming polluted because its residents kept dumping all their waste into the Chicago River, which flowed directly into the lake. Because Chicago gets its drinking water from Lake Michigan, the city was under siege from waterborne illnesses like typhoid and cholera. The residents had a problem—so they came up with an ingenious solution. They decided to reverse the flow of the river so their waste would be carried downstate, and away from the city.

The reversal of the Chicago River is still viewed as an engineering marvel of the modern age. Today, many marketers can be faced with the following problem: how do you stand out in a crowded marketplace and get more inbound calls? The ingenious solution comes in the form of toll-free and vanity phone numbers.


What is a Vanity Phone Number?

A vanity phone number is an 800 number that spells out memorable words and phrases that are relevant to a company’s marketing efforts. Think of 1800-FLOWERS or 1800-CONTACTS—these are numbers that clearly define the product or service that consumers are interested in.

While some may believe that vanity numbers are less impactful in the digital age, the truth is that phone numbers continue to be a valuable marketing asset. Remember that a majority of consumers are likely to call a business when they either want to make a purchase, get a quick answer, or talk to a real person.


Vanity Numbers are Self-Evident Advertisements

It is tough to find anything that does so much heavy lifting as simply as a vanity toll-free number. They give consumers an easy and fast way to reach your business while also standing out as a reminder for what goods or services you provide. What could be any clearer than a business whose number is 1800-LOANNOW or 1800-FIXSINK?


Businesses Get Exclusivity with Vanity Numbers

Once you have secured a vanity phone number, that number is yours and no other business will have access to your one-of-a-kind contact information. This is very important because another advantage of these numbers is the brand awareness that you will build up over time. Whatever your vanity number is, it has a better chance of staying in people’s memories for a long time. Having exclusive control over that number allows you time to become a dominant force in your industry, propelled forward by your unique number.


Vanity Numbers are Memorable

Finally, the novelty of your number fixes two of the biggest problems faced by any marketer: how to stand out and how to stay with consumers? A vanity number does both.

By taking a phone number and turning it into a phrase, you’re automatically doing something different. That helps separate you from your competitors. And because phone numbers only allow for one or two short words, your vanity number becomes easier to remember. If you’re able to utilize the number to spell something clever, you’ll have an even better chance at staying at the forefront of customers’ minds.

By promoting your business in such a unique way and creating a phrase that gets people to think, you’ll have an immediate edge over all the other businesses in your field. You’ll be standing out and gain quick brand notoriety—all by using the ingenuity of a vanity number.

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