Call Tracking: Why the Phone is the Most Powerful Sales Tool


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We’ve written before on the marketing potentials of the smartphone, but did you know that phones also offer the perfect platform for sales strategies as well? Perhaps the biggest difference between sales and marketing is that sales often includes more interpersonal communications, whether it’s through cold calls, meetings or general networking, whereas marketing generally involves more hands-off outreach methods, such as content marketing, email marketing, SEO and paid search ads. Although Phonexa can take advantage of the power of smartphones to boost both your sales and marketing strategies, we’ll focus on the sales department for now and give you some helpful tips on how to make the most out of the number one outreach platform right now: the smartphone.

Personalized Automations

With advanced call automations available, the sales process no longer has to involve direct interactions between the agent and the consumer (not the entire interaction, at least). Automations sometimes receive bad rap for being impersonal, but Phonexa’s advanced call automations actually make it easier and faster for your callers to get their issues resolved without sacrificing personalization. We do this by implementing an advanced interactive voice response system in conjunction with an artificially intelligent voice recognition system, VoicePLUS. These two voice systems work together to deliver a personalized customer service experience, allowing your callers to feel like their inquiries are truly important and supported. The anthropomorphic speech mimics normal human cadences to make your callers more comfortable, while call tracking helps to personalize the call even further by servicing the callers based on their caller ID, purchase history, and even geographic location. Callers also have the option to perform self-service through the IVR system, saving them substantial time spent on the phone. The faster your customers get their inquiries across, the more effective your sales process will be.

Fluid Customer Service

The benefit of having fast customer service, as we’ve briefly mentioned, is the natural increasing rate of conversions. As you consistently give efficient customer service to your callers, the word will eventually get out that your brand is high quality and trustworthy. After all, 72% of happy customers tell six or more people about their positive experience. Efficiency is the key to achieving this word-of-mouth marketing success. Studies show that 82% of consumers admitted that getting their issues resolved quickly is the number one factor to a great customer experience. To push those numbers even further, up to 33% of consumers would recommend a brand that offers quick responses, even if their issues aren’t resolved. There’s nothing quite like providing quick answers for your callers, especially with advanced call automations to save time for both parties.

More Browses on Mobile than on Desktop

Furthermore, your phone is a powerful sales tool precisely because there are now more searches on mobile than there are on desktop. For the first time in history, phones are used as internet browsing tools more often than the computer, which was essentially built for that sole purpose. Those staggering statistics alone should tell you just how important it is for you to optimize your phone calls if you want to create high-converting campaigns. Since consumers are already interacting with their smartphones for most of their waking hours, the smart strategy would be to encourage your website visitors to call in.

For these reasons, we highly recommend that you incorporate next-level marketing technology into your sales campaigns. There’s a night-and-day difference between phone calls that are equipped with call tracking and an advanced IVR, versus calls that are all done manually: the holds, transfers, upsells, surveys, etc. As mentioned, consumers don’t always want to speak with an agent for every small inquiry. The whole purpose is to win over more customers, which means that you need to deliver fast and convenient solutions.

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