Phonexa Launches Call Logic Platform

LOS ANGELES, CA, September 14, 2016 –Phonexa, a Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions provider, has debuted its cloud-based call logic platform, complete with call analytics and call tracking, voice recognition, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and state-of-the-art features for businesses.

Phonexa’s cloud-based solution combines call analytics and call tracking with key features for online marketers and businesses. The core of Phonexa’s call logic platform includes essential features such call queuing, call routing and recording, interactive call management, and comprehensive reports and analytics.

The need for an advanced call platform has become a priority for business owners with the rise of mobile calls. Phonexa is designed so businesses can analyze and track their calls in the same way that they would clicks.

“The customer journey has evolved with the rise of mobile and social media platforms – and without utilizing a call platform, marketers and businesses are missing out on valuable information about their callers. Phonexa shines a light on the most important part of the customer journey – the phone call,” says David Gasparyan, President/CEO of Phonexa.

The call logic platform consists of an entire package of analytics, reporting, and voice recognition. Phonexa is also comprised of two additional platforms, including an accounting platform (Books360) and a Lead Management System (LMS SYNC). Books360 and LMS SYNC are additional platforms that can be used directly with your call platform, becoming a complete all-in-one solution.

The Phonexa platform includes a number of key solutions, including:

Analytics: Phonexa is designed for you and your needs, with call analytics that isn’t one size fits all. Phonexa offers you a visual snapshot of your business with an intuitive and interactive dashboard that visualizes your calls with insight on demographics, location, and caller profiles. In using call analytics and a call tracking service, you can track phone numbers and keywords, discover key insight and pertinent information about callers, and strengthen the success of your marketing campaigns by making them more efficient with our industry-leading tools. Phonexa has the most comprehensive reporting available on the market today, with call log reports and metrics that provide you with information that can help improve your overall business performance. The platform’s reporting is also completely customizable, so you can request detailed, custom reports with relevant insights into your campaigns. It’s easy, intuitive, and it’s all in real-time.

VoicePLUS: Phonexa’s state-of-the-art voice recognition feature is capable of converting speech to text and text to speech. VoicePLUS analyzes speech patterns and provides businesses with a natural-sounding system that interacts and engages with consumersusing multi-language automatic speech recognition (ASR).

Interactive Voice Response: Phonexa’s advanced, multi-level IVR allows for custom campaigns with customizable filters,integrating with your existing database and efficiently routing calls based on area code, zip code, and other demographics. Phonexa’s IVR allows for the managing of call volume with advanced call queue, reducing overall customer wait time and enhancing customer satisfaction. 

Books360: The first of its kind, completely automated accounting platform that works with your calls. Books360 is comprised of all the features your accounting team uses on a daily basis in one user-friendly platform that works directly alongside your call platform and Lead Management System. Books360 automatically generates and sends invoices based on preferred settings, e-mails pay statements, easily applies credits and debits to invoices and payments, helps keep track of all your call records for receivables and payables, and minimizes your daily accounting tasks.It’s customizable for any industry and can be easily integrated with existing softwares. 

LMS SYNC: Phonexa’s Lead Management Solution (LMS SYNC) was designed because leads and calls go hand in hand. LMS SYNC is available in addition to the call platform for added productivity and a more efficient workflow. The platform can seamlessly integrate with your accounting platform, pulling your numbers and creating invoices automatically. Phonexa’s Lead Management System is designed so you can collect, store, and organize your data.It can easily import and export data into the system, so you can create highly targeted marketing campaigns based on demographics, pull and query data, and segment data based on your needs.

Phonexa also offers a wealth of other key features, such as Progressive Call Flow and Call Tree, API and Third-Party Integration, Cloud Call Center, Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), a Sophisticated Filtration System, and many additional features and solutions.

Phonexa sets itself apart from its competition with competitive prices and an à la carte option, meaning business owners have the option to utilize all or some of Phonexa’s offerings. Phonexa is completely customizable, giving small and big businesses increased flexibility.

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Phonexa offers businesses state-of-the-art features such as cutting-edge analytics, Voice Recognition, a dedicated Lead Management System, and a completely automated accounting platform. Phonexa’s platform is designed for all types of businesses – big or small – with features that enhance business performance, including IVR, call recording and routing, interactive call management, comprehensive reports and analytics. Phonexa offers the tools of tomorrow for your business today. Please visit for more information.

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