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Mark Kosin
5 minute read
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Mark Kosin
5 minute read

There is perhaps no man who has dispensed more wisdom from the broadcast booth over the years than Vin Scully. From his time calling games from Brooklyn in the 1950s to his retirement in Los Angeles in 2016, he has gifted the world with countless quips, comments, and insights. Perhaps one of his most quotable lines is when he said: “Losing feels worse than winning feels good.”

What’s true in baseball can often be true in life and business, and Vin’s observation here is no exception. Just as much as you want your business to succeed, it is equally—if not more—important that you not fall behind. Like a ball club that is trying to grind it out for a 162-game season, you have to keep hustling with your business—every morning seeking new ways to stay ahead of the competition. The question is: what resources do you have at your disposal to help you do that?

Using Technology to Maintain Your Competitive Edge

When you want to stay ahead of your rivals, it’s critical to make sure your business is tuned in to the latest market news. One consumer trend that has been impossible to ignore is the rise of inbound marketing—and specifically the tremendous upswing in the number of calls made to businesses thanks to the universality of smartphones.

Companies are sprinting to keep up with the billions of calls that are coming their way thanks to the ease of “click-to-call” on mobile phones. And the money has followed suit: a reported $4 billion in revenue has been generated by ads that drive consumers to call extensions or to utilize phone numbers found on landing pages.

Calls that come into your company are insanely valuable. These “high intent interactions” represent consumers who have taken an active step to contact your company and it is vital that you not lose these leads. This is where call tracking comes into play. As this piece from Forbes shows, the ability to track calls and understand precisely where these high intent consumers are coming from are not just interesting stats to review, but critical bits of data that can be the difference between a campaign being classified as a win or a loss.

So what exactly are the uses of call tracking?

Call Tracking Helps You Judge Campaign Results

The most basic function of call tracking is that it tells you how inbound consumers decided to call you. This is also known as tracking the “customer journey”—and it is invaluable for marketers. Sophisticated call tracking software will turn this call data into visual representations that make it easy to instantly see how different marketing channels are delivering for you.

Call tracking software allows you to track the use of different numbers, covering vanity or toll-free numbers, meaning you have the ability to test a wide variety of advertisements across multiple platforms and get solid data on them all. With so much valuable information readily available from call tracking software, you’ll have incredible insight into how your marketing campaigns are performing.

Call Tracking Software Can Help Your Customer Service Team Hit It Out of the Park

The beauty of utilizing a comprehensive call tracking platform is that you’ll also have tools at your disposal that go beyond the tracking of calls. Call recording offers a smarter way to monitor the effectiveness of your team once a high intent interaction is underway. Businesses can use call recording to improve customer service by reviewing calls where team members were especially effective (or ineffective).

Call recordings are also extraordinarily helpful in training new call representatives. Utilizing past calls to train recently hired personnel not only clues them into actual customer interactions but can be done digitally, which means your staff can spend more time answering calls and less time training new hires. Plus, call recording assists with compliance by maintaining records of every interaction, meaning any compliance questions can be readily answered by your digital transcript of the employee-customer exchange.

Getting the Most Out of a Call Tracking Platform

Utilizing call tracking can make a tremendous impact on your business, helping you keep up on the competition. But with such a robust marketplace for call tracking software, some platforms have come to offer dramatically more. Like a quality utility infielder, these all-in-one cloud-based platforms are incredibly versatile, giving you the power of multiple marketing services in one package.

Are you running a marketing campaign that simultaneously expects a high volume of incoming calls while also sending out direct response email blasts? An all-in-one platform can help you track both elements of that campaign, and even let you compare the conversion rate of each side-by-side. You can also utilize automated accounting to go beyond the spreadsheet and keep a close eye on your campaign budget and operating expenses.

In business, as in baseball, things can change in a heartbeat and you have to be prepared it handle almost any contingency. By staying ahead of the curve with call tracking software, you’ll be able to chalk up a win or, perhaps more importantly, avoid taking a loss.

Interested in all-in-one call tracking software that will keep you out in front? Reach out to Phonexa today to schedule a consultation and see how adding call tracking to your lineup can help you beat the competition.

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Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.
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