Improve the Quality of Your Conversations with Call Tracking

It pays off to have meaningful conversations with your customers. People are keen to notice the fine details that go into their phone conversations. Excellence is a trait that resonates with everyone, so when your calls possess excellent features, people will start to notice and sales will naturally increase. If you’re looking to improve the quality of your phone conversations, the answer actually lies in automation. Whether or not companies agree with this, some of the most effective optimizations you can make when it comes to customer service involve marketing technology. The future of customer service is automated; even personalized phone conversations can be automated. The benefits of automation far exceed its costs. In this article, we’ll demonstrate how your company can benefit from investing in an advanced call tracking software.

Call Tracking Personalizes the Call

Personalization is key to every great marketing campaign. When an advertisement or a conversation seems genuine and personal, it resonates with the consumer for a longer period of time. In the world of phone marketing, personalization can mean the difference between a thriving new business with a great customer service reputation and an average, easily overlooked company. Phonexa’s call tracking software refuses to let you settle for the latter. We recognize that personalization is important to consumers and businesses alike; that’s why we’ve developed the technology to automate the personalization process. This means that call tracking will automatically detect your caller’s first and last name, location, phone number, and purchase history, amongst other details. With this information, call tracking can redirect your calls based on caller location, offer multi-lingual options based on region, and tailor the conversation to fit with the customer’s purchase history with the company. These incredible automations will set your business apart from those who refuse to go the extra mile to personalize their calls. When one compares a generically automated phone call with one that is ultra-efficient with a personal touch, the latter will always win.

Call Tracking Gives You Performance Insights

Performance insights are crucial to optimizing your customer service department from the ground up. From the automation performance results to the individual employee’s performance, call tracking will keep you updated on your call details in real-time. This highly accessible data allows you to make informed decisions even when you’re on a time crunch. Without performance insights, companies like yours lack the visibility into their call campaigns. It would be near impossible or difficult at best to perform effective A/B testing.

Call Tracking Speeds Up the Process

We’ve mentioned this many times before, but it’s a concept that must be fully grasped in order for businesses to thrive: customers only want to have their issues resolved quickly. That is their ultimate bottom line. When the caller receives what he or she called in to get, the natural inclination would be to think that the call experience was great. Call tracking speeds up the process to help give callers the solutions they’re searching for by reducing the amount of transfers within the calls as well as reducing the amount of wait times in between transfers. In conjunction with the IVR and VoicePLUS voice recognition system, Phonexa also offers self-service options to help consumers get the answers they need.

If you’re interested in learning more about Phonexa’s remarkable call tracking technology, we urge you to schedule a live demo today. The implications of investing in a solid call tracking solution are incredibly favorable for growing businesses. Regardless of your business practice or industry, call tracking will fit into your current business model and boost your phone calls like never before. Your customers will notice a difference.

There’s no need to wait any longer – you’ve got nothing to lose. Get the inside look at call tracking today!

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