5 Key Reasons to Implement Call Tracking and Analytics

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We’ve all heard the phrase, “You spend money to make money.” That mindset seems to be the core of all the great products that we commonly use now. Companies that want to expand their influence and revenue are first expected to dish out an initial sum of money to create, showcase, and market their products. Unfortunately, many times these companies allocate a significant percentage of their budget to the creation of their products and not enough on the showcasing/marketing portion of the process. With so many up-and-coming brands trying to fight their way to the top of the food chain, it would be a complete waste to not try allocating enough funds to market your product after it’s been carefully produced and refined for consumers. The key to succeeding is to not always spend more, but to spend wisely. With that said, here are five important reasons why you should implement call tracking and analytics into your marketing campaigns:

Call Tracking Saves You More Money in the Long Run

The nature of advanced call tracking is such that it saves you more money in the long run just by performing its duties efficiently. In other words, your business would be cutting costs by investing in an adequate call tracking software. Less money would be wasted on low-performing campaigns, and more money would be allocated to high-performing campaigns, increasing your revenue potential and overall effectiveness. Call tracking reduces call wait times and makes the call experience more efficient, boosting your customer service and brand image in the process.

Call Tracking Keeps You Updated

Every marketer knows the importance of staying in the loop with their ongoing campaigns. Yet, many of the available tools on the market either make it difficult for marketers to track their progress on the go, or present information that’s lagged and not truly in real-time. Call tracking and analytics pings users of all important updates and anomalies in real time, so users can implement data-driven changes on the fly. The accessibility of this platform allows for much more to be done on a time crunch, which might be crucial to the overall campaign performance.

Call Tracking is Fully Customizable for Your Current Model

The toughest part about introducing any new software to your system is always the integration process: aligning the technology together and then teaching the existing employees to use the new platform. Everyone dreads this initial integration process because it’s usually messy and the exact opposite of fun. Yet, with a fully customizable, user-friendly call tracking software, the integration process becomes a more seamless and painless experience. Employee training is a lot easier when the platform itself is built so efficiently for users. Similarly, the call tracking software can be easily scaled to fit your current system in a way that will best support your business growth.

Call Tracking Gives You Competitive Advantage

Speaking about the marketplace being a competitive sphere, call tracking equips its users with industry-leading technology that is simply unmatched by manual tracking/traditional tracking methods. This competitive advantage isn’t just for show. Even though it will greatly boost your brand image to have such cutting-edge technology on your side, the real benefit here is the revenue you’ll earn by having more insights into your campaigns. Brands that shy away from call tracking are simply falling behind.

Call Tracking Personalizes Your Approach

In addition to giving you a competitive advantage, saving and earning you more money, as well as keeping you updated with all ongoing calls and campaigns, call tracking boosts your customer retention rates by personalizing your entire customer journey. Despite the convenience of other contact methods, consumers still prefer speaking directly to their chosen businesses. Call tracking ensures that your customers will be catered to according to their demographic, purchase history, and so forth. This personalized experience will make a world of difference for your customer retention rates.

If you want to see what advanced call tracking can do for your business, simply schedule a consultation with us today. Phonexa’s team will give you a look at our platform and help you make the most of it for your industry and business model.

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