Revolutionize the Customer Experience with a Call Tracking Software

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How important is customer experience? Well, studies show that 55% of customers are willing to pay more for the same product if it means that they will get better customer service. It also pays off to make your customers happy because a whopping 72% of customers will tell six or more other people about their experience if they enjoyed the customer service. If you haven’t poured hours into formulating your customer experience, now is the time to brainstorm.

These days, average customer service is already a common standard to have in the United States. You won’t even be able to wow your customers if your service is only a little above average. The brands that truly win a loyal customer base are consistent with their spectacular customer service. These brands invest in technology that allows them to track the customer experience and make data-driven changes in their marketing campaigns for higher ROI and better customer feedback.

We’ll show you how to outdo your competitors by revolutionizing your customer experience with an advanced call tracking software.

Improve Your Customer Service with Voice Recognition

An exceptional voice recognition system changes the game completely for businesses in all industries. The reason why your voice recognition system is so detrimental to your customer experience is that it’s the first agent that speaks to your potential leads. As we all know, first impressions matter. Your automated voice software is the first connecting link between your customer and the closed sale.

An exceptional voice recognition software is one that encompasses each of the following characteristics:

Natural speech Advanced voice recognition that uses anthropomorphized speech patterns, or natural human speech, relaxes the caller and makes the conversion flow much easier than otherwise. A study in The Art and Business of Speech Recognition by Blade Kotelly reported that callers prefer natural human speech over robotic, monotonous tones.

Ability to learn Each person speaks differently, with subtle nuances in their tones and quirks in their accents. A competent voice recognition software should be able to learn these nuances quickly and match them with the caller’s number, ensuring a more fluid call experience each time they call.

Understands and speaks multiple languages Similar to our previous point, the world is diverse. Unless your audience only speaks English, a multi-lingual voice recognition system is the way to go.

Customizable There’s little sense to have a voice recognition system that doesn’t allow you to make the changes you need for your business. Customizability will allow you to build a call experience that’s unique to your business.

Integrated with call tracking Finally, a qualified voice recognition system is one that’s integrated with a robust call tracking system. This integration alone will completely transform your call experience because your calls can be personalized even more. Depending on the region or last name of the caller, your voice recognition system will give callers the option to speak a different language, or will automatically transfer the call to a local store. Talk about convenience!

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Improve Your Customer Service with Call Tracking Software

Advanced call tracking will boost your customer experience exponentially. Once you invest in this software, you will receive powerful insights on your customer journey and details about your inbound and outbound calls, route calls based on geographic locations and customer demographics, integrate with your voice recognition software, and receive additional web analytics.

Call tracking is the key to optimizing your campaigns and customer service programs. For example, you will be able to know your customer’s first and last name, their phone number, and geographic location before the call is even answered. When it comes to customer service monitoring, you can use call whisper or call barging to check on your employee’s performance or to train new employees. You will even receive insights on the length and time of the call, the department that answered or made the call, and the overall journey of that call (how long it took for the customer to be transferred, how many repeats the IVR had to do, etc.).

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Without a doubt, companies that invest in advanced call technology happily reap the rewards of their investment. Those companies earn higher customer service ratings, better ROI, and an overall greater reputation than their competitors. If you’re looking to revolutionize your customer experience, start with Phonexa. Let us give you consultation of our VoicePLUS voice recognition software and our advanced Call Tracking software. Witness the difference today.

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