Should You Switch? Benefits of a Cloud PBX

The Cloud PBX is a hosted phone service that takes all of your cross-channel marketing platforms and puts it under one comprehensive roof. Does that sound enticing?

There are handfuls of well-founded reasons why businesses are switching to the Cloud PBX. In the past, whenever new businesses wanted an automated phone system, they would have to call for a technician to come and set up all the hardware. Integrations and customizations had to be done manually. Now, you can control practically everything and make your own customizations through an accessible and user-friendly dashboard, via the Cloud PBX. If you’re still on the fences between a Cloud PBX and an on-premise PBX, perhaps this list will show you which option makes the most sense for your business.

Cloud PBX Benefit #1: No Setup and Maintenance Fees

Since the on-premise PBX system requires hardware setup, the initial fees can be quite hefty. On average, these fees are in the thousands. Not to mention, the cost of ownership and maintenance quickly adds up, as most changes need to be done manually by a technician. If you want to add or edit a new feature, you’ll have to pay for the manual labor on top of the feature you want to add. Whenever you fire or hire an employee and have to make changes to their direct phone line, you will have to call for help as well. Any hardware damages or software malfunctions will require you to make that call for help and pay for the manual labor. Basically, you’re paying for all the maintenance issues once you own the on-premise PBX system.

On the other hand, the Cloud PBX requires zero setup and maintenance fees because there are no built-in hardware that customers have to worry about. Your Cloud PBX provider takes care of the server configurations and maintenance. When you want to add or customize a feature, you only have to pay for that specific feature. Setting up takes minutes and customer service is always available to help at your disposal. Many Cloud PBX providers also include self-service configurations so you can make the changes you need without requiring further assistance.

Cloud PBX Benefit #2: High Scalability, Zero Clutter

Considering the high amount of calls you’ll potentially handle, the Cloud PBX is much more scalable for your growing business. With the Cloud PBX, you don’t need to waste office space to store the server. All features are added through the Cloud rather than by a costly technician. The Cloud PBX is especially fitting for larger companies, since it’s an extremely convenient and scalable phone system. Companies that constantly change employees might also find the Cloud PBX to be a better choice than on-premise systems because every change can be applied with ease.

Cloud PBX Benefit #3: Pay As You Go

Modern Cloud PBX providers allows customers to have the unique advantage of the pay-as-you-go pricing model. This means that customers will never be restricted by binding contracts. The moment he or she signs up for the Cloud PBX service, he or she will get to pick the individual features and pay only for those features, not for the setup or any other contractual fees. If the customer decides to get a different feature down the road, he or she can drop the current features and install the needed ones at any time. This flexible pricing model gives customers the freedom to craft their own monthly expenses without worrying about contracts, hidden fees, and other unforeseen charges.

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