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How Small Businesses Can Benefit from Email Marketing

Mark Kosin
4 minute read
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Mark Kosin
4 minute read

Small businesses continue to be the heart and soul of America’s economy. Sometimes the smallest of them can pack the biggest punch: in one year, companies with fewer than 20 employees added 1.1 million new jobs. Over a quarter million of small businesses are exporters, contributing to global trade. Whether a company has twelve or two-hundred employees, they often find success by using every advantage at their disposal to stand out in their field.

One major asset available to every small business is email marketing. Whether you’re a small business that bakes cakes, fixes septic tanks, or explains insurance rates, there can be tremendous value in developing an email marketing plan to stay connected to your customers.


Why Email Marketing Helps Small Businesses

Implementing email marketing via an email marketing platform can pay off for small businesses in a number of ways. For starters, sending out carefully designed and curated emails will allow your company to construct a strong brand identity.

Businesses can build credibility among their customers by becoming a helpful friend or an authority in their field. Clothing companies can send out fall fashion tips while health insurers can remind subscribers to get a flu shot. Professional-looking email messages can be easily created using email templates that give you complete control over the design and content of each email.

Email marketing also allows businesses to grow their reach without burning through money. By simply keeping a database of emails of all those who’ve shown an interested in your services, you can amass a subscriber list that can be quickly and directly reached with news, updates, and special promotions.


Developing an Email Marketing Plan

Even if your small business has never engaged in email marketing before, it is not hard to put an effective strategy together.

1. Build Your Email List

Start by assembling your email list. This can be customers that you have done business with in the past or recent inquiries into your services. Also, make a concerted effort to collect email addresses each time you interact with a new customer.

2. Determine What Kind of Emails You Will Send

What level of value can you provide to your subscribers? You’ll want to consider what type of emails will be welcomed by recipients while also planning out emails to coincide with your sales targets. Accountants may want to send out tax preparation tips as the year winds down, while HVAC companies will likely be most active as the seasons change in spring and fall.

3. Make Your Emails

Once you have a big picture idea of what you want your emails to accomplish, it is time to get down to the consequential work of designing and writing content for each email. Focus on catchy subject lines, keep your emails short, and make sure they look just as good on mobile devices as desktops. Avoid common email marketing mistakes.

4. Send and Study

Once your emails are prepared, use automation to schedule them to go out. Take advantage of campaign analytics to monitor how your emails perform and which ones get the most engagement from your target groups. View each email campaign not just as a marketing effort, but as a data point to consider when putting together your next campaign.

With the right email marketing strategy, small businesses can reap tremendous rewards. That means more cakes from bakers, more service calls from plumbers, and more insurance agents giving families peace of mind.

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Mark Kosin
Mark Kosin was a Content Writer at Phonexa, covering topics such as SaaS technology, call tracking, lead generation, and digital marketing.
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