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VoicePLUS makes you feel like you are in the middle of a 1960s science fiction film.

You’re speaking with your computer and it’s converting your speech into text. There is no need to waste time and transcribe your words. VoicePLUS does that for you.

You can walk around your office, work from a coffee shop, or make notes while working from home. The future really is here.

VoicePLUS is comprised of two main features: voice recognition and speech-to-text.

Speech-to-Text: The Early Years 

In the past, people were first introduced to speech recognition (the foundation of speech-to-text) when they called their airline and made a reservation or when they called their bank. The early systems were frustrating for callers and resulted in unfriendly exchanges between customers and the operators.

The next step in the evolution for many people was Siri, Apple’s voice recognition software, which allowed people to complete tasks with their mobile device, hands-free. This meant that you could call someone or conduct a search simply by telling your phone to do this for you. Siri was the masses’ first experience with what voice recognition could be – a conversation with a computer.

In fact, a lot of people didn’t know that certain vertical industries were already leading their way in Voice Recognition. This includes medical, legal, and social workers, who have been using Voice Recognition for years.

These early systems required a pause after every word. They were convenient because they were hands-free, but rather annoying, because humans don’t speak in this way. It’s easier now because systems use continuous speech, which is natural, faster and less annoying. These early adopters of Voice Recognition paved the way for the rest of us, so that our experiences are enhanced.

The PLUS in VoicePLUS 

What are these enhancements that are now possible?

  • VoicePLUS learns your voice and adds words in your personal vocabulary. In other words, it’s capable of making the adjustment when something is pronounced differently.
  • It’s faster than typing! It’s also as good (if not, better) than typing because there are generally less mistakes.
  • VoicePLUS can be accessed from anywhere. It’s the ultimate convenience. Did you just leave a meeting? VoicePLUS can record your notes while everything is still fresh by creating verbal short cuts.

Who else is using Voice Recognition?

It’s no secret that call centers love Voice Recognition – and here’s a secret, customers love it, too. The advancement of the technology has shown customers that the benefits far outweigh their frustrations. So, instead of waiting on hold, listening to that horrible on-hold music, an IVR (Interactive Voice Recognition) system can record caller information (which can later be printed, if necessary,) and when transferred to an operator, their information is right there on their monitor.

What’s a Biometric? 

Biometrics refers to the system of human characteristic recognition. This includes eye (retina) recognition, gestures, facial recognition, as well as fingerprints, DNA, and voice biometrics. These all have their own applications but are being used by private firms and national security agencies, law enforcement agencies, and more. If identification is a priority, then these technologies are being used.

There is also a new term being tossed around in the biometrics field known as behaviometrics. These metrics will study the emotions in our voices, the way we walk, and how we use our hands.

It’s voice biometrics that forms the basis of VoicePLUS. This is where it begins and where the technology will take us into the future.

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