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State-of-the-Art Call Tracking Software

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There is a better way for businesses to measure the effectiveness of their advertisement keywords and offline marketing campaigns, and it is through advanced call tracking software. Phonexa’s proprietary call tracking software enables companies from all industries to increase their ROI by providing detailed metrics and inbound call analytics.

Imagine receiving the same detailed metrics and big data that you get with web analytics but for your inbound calls. With Phonexa’s advanced call tracking software, you will be able to track your leads across online and offline mediums. The customer journey will be measured and charted for your convenience, so you can focus on maximizing your marketing efforts.

What Does a Call Tracking Software Track?

Phonexa’s call tracking software records a wide variety of data that is conducive to your business success. To elaborate, here are the details that our inbound call tracking software provide

Caller Phone Number With the caller phone number, businesses can determine caller frequency and innovate ways to increase customer retention. Knowing the caller’s phone number will also allow businesses to return calls automatically.

Caller Demographics Based on the caller’s area code, directory name, and other relevant information, Phonexa’s call tracking system will display the predicted age range, ethnicity, and residential city of the caller. Having an accurate estimate on your caller demographics will help personalize your marketing campaigns and center your focus on the right audiences.

Time of Call Phonexa’s advanced call tracking software collects this information and sends reports on when your business experiences the most or the least calls. These visual trends help to ensure high call volumes for future marketing campaigns.

Length of Call Knowing the length of the call will allow you to evaluate the IVR efficiency, the quality of your call traffic, and even your customer service quality.

Keyword Performance Phonexa’s call tracking system also reports on the effectiveness of your advertisement keywords. Keyword performance data is crucial to the process of marketing evaluation.

Although these five excellent details will already boost your marketing efforts tremendously, they are not the only information you will receive with Phonexa’s call tracking software.

With the metrics and reports that you receive, you can predict future levels of engagement, pose hypothetical campaigns and predict their outcomes, try A/B testing the same campaigns in different cities, and personalize the caller experience based on their demographic. With Phonexa’s advanced call tracking software, the limits are yours to determine.

What Else Does Phonexa’s Call Tracking Software Offer?

Our call tracking software comes with an incredibly rich interface for you to customize, schedule, and add users as you please. Reports can be sent directly to your email, so you will be notified whenever there are any changes to your campaigns.

Of course, along with the rest of our platform, our call tracking analytics are accessible through any internet-connecting device. On top of that, here are three great benefits that come with Phonexa’s call tracking software:

Toll-Free, Local, and Vanity Numbers These unique phone numbers will help determine the effectiveness of your various campaigns, both online and off.

Text Messages You can integrate automatic text messaging into your campaigns to ensure a higher level of customer engagement.

Click-to-Call Through this feature, customers will be able to speak directly with your business with one simple click. The convenience of click-to-call makes it an attractive option for both consumers and businesses alike.

Phonexa’s powerful call tracking software takes ROI reporting to the next level. Your business can customize the reports to fit the company’s exact needs.

This gives you the power to choose only the most relevant information for your different campaigns. With our call tracking software to boost your business, your advertisements will inspire an influx of traffic and engagement like never before.

Schedule a consultationtoday and see how Phonexa can power your business!

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